Introducing Anova’s Refurbishment Program

This year, Anova introduced a refurbishment program in the US and Canada to extend the life cycle of our cookers, keeping them out of landfills and providing our customers with longer lasting, more sustainable devices.

The process of refurbishment means that products have been repaired or restored to like-new condition. Through our partner, CoreCentric Solutions, every Anova refurbished product completes a robust process that includes full testing. All parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality of the original device and will be safely mailed to you in a 100% recyclable cardboard box and plastic insert.


Keep Your Produce Fresher, Longer

Anova Food Storage

Over the past several weeks, we’ve all had to adjust to a new grocery shopping experience – bare shelves, crowded aisles and no toilet paper in sight (we still can’t figure that one out). While many of us have stocked up on pantry staples such as rice, legumes, pasta and oatmeal, others have faced shortages in their local supermarkets.

With all the craziness going on, it’s become even more important to maintain our health with a well-balanced diet. Produce including veggies and fruits are inexpensive, healthy, and easy to prepare. Eggs, meat and milk are the cornerstones of most diets and provide you with essential nutrients. Herbs add a splash of flavor and color to your favorite dishes. If you are finding yourself cooking three meals a day at home, versatility and nutrition are essential.


Celebrating Anova’s Customer Success Team

Team work makes the dream work, and today we wanted to highlight the work of our some of the people on our awesome customer success team. The secret sauce behind great customer service are the people who work in it. We pride ourselves on having an all-star team of people who are personable, friendly, caring and thoughtful.


Transforming Lives with the SF-Marin Food Bank

This past December, Anova teamed up with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to provide healthy, nutritious food for families and individuals in our community. Hunger is a serious problem in San Francisco and Marin, where 1 in 5 people struggle to find their next meal. This in the city home to some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, Tesla, Netflix, eBay and so many others.