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Get to know #anovafoodnerd Mom Christina Toh!

There is nothing we can say or do that properly conveys how much love we have for Moms across the world, but we are going to attempt it! Every so often, as we’re scrolling social media and our community pages, someone JUMPS off the page and stops us in our tracks. Christina Toh did just that. Ever since she unboxed her Anova Precision® Oven, she has been sharing her creations far and wide and has inspired thousands! Meet Christina below!


Meet #anovafoodnerd Super Mom Alice Wan!

Mother’s Day is upon us food nerds! If you can, do Mom a solid and give her a call and tell her how much you love her. That will go a LONG ways.

Our Mother’s Day series continues with #anovafoodnerd Alice Wan. Alice has been cooking with the Anova Precision® Oven and jumped at the opportunity to share her story about how using the APO at home is just what their small family needed!


How to use steam in the Anova Precision® Oven

The Anova Precision® Oven is a home combi oven. The world’s best chefs have used combi ovens in their restaurant kitchens for years, but these devices have been extremely expensive and only available for commercial use…until now.

A traditional oven lets you control temperature (usually, not very well). But a combi oven gives you control of both temperature and humidity. It’s this combination that gives chefs – and now, anyone – precise, predictable, and powerful control of the way your food cooks.