Why is cooking with steam healthy?

Over the decades there have been hundreds of dieting and healthy eating fads. Some require stringent adherence to guidelines of what to avoid eating, or in some cases, how to specifically cook (or not cook) accepted foods. But healthy eating for the majority of people can be simplified. Eat more produce, consider cooking at home, and make healthy food flavorful. So why aren’t we doing that? Even though studies show eating a variety of produce is a key preventative strategy for avoiding cardiovascular disease and cancer, most people find healthy eating overwhelming, (due to the systematic challenges and the sheer breadth of daily hurdles these are simply impossible to cover here). Most of the US population does not eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetable servings each day. But here’s one simple thing you can do when you’re cooking: cook with steam using the Anova’s Precision® Oven to enhance the nutritional content of your food. (more…)