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Sous Vide Pork Short Ribs with Sweet Potato Fries and ‘Coleslaw’

Serves 2 (full ingredients list below) Though this recipe is hearty, it is not heavy – perfect for the upcoming Fall months. In addition, sweet potato fries baked in olive oil are a healthier alternative to your typical deep-fried French fries – and this variation of coleslaw gives you a flavorful alternative in taste and texture to your average slaw, with the added superfood benefits of spinach.  Enjoy making these sous vide pork short ribs with sweet potato fries and “coleslaw” with your Anova Precision Cooker. (more…)

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No Vacuum Packer? No Problem.

A lot of people ask if they need a vacuum packer for sous vide cooking. In a word, no. Vacuum packers are often bulky, expensive pieces of equipment that the average home cook wouldn’t normally have. Sure, if you’ve got the space and budget, by all means go for it, but they’re not necessary. (more…)

Sous Vide Cajun-Spiced Chicken Thighs with Asparagus

Chicken, like fish, is quite delicate when it comes to sous vide cooking – but once you follow a recipe for a delicious meal, this delicate cooking can turn out to be one of the best dishes you’ve ever had.   One of my favorite dishes to prepare with my Anova precision cooker is sous vide cajun-spiced chicken thighs with asparagus. (more…)

Tuna Niçoise Salad With Sous Vide Egg

Serves 2 – full ingredients list and method at the end This take on a niçoise salad is just as light and refreshing as it is indulgent and filling. And that’s because fresh flavours are combined with a whole hunk-a meaty tuna, a deliciously creamy sous vide egg and a couple of potato chunks for good measure. (more…)


Sous Vide Egg with Avocado, Spinach and Parmesan on a Muffin Serves 1  (full recipe below) Sous vide eggs are excellent. When you cook an egg through conventional methods, there’s always a pretty big difference in how much the yolk and white are cooked. In particular when you fry an egg because the white becomes rubbery and the inside stays very runny. Poached eggs are slightly better for cooking the egg uniformly, but the white is still much more cooked than the yolk. With a sous vide egg, on the other hand, you get a much more consistent texture and gooey yolk. (more…)

Top 5 Tips For Perfect Sous Vide Food

Sous vide is such an attractive cooking method because it takes away a lot of the guesswork. If you keep something in the sous vide cooker for a little bit too long, you don’t have to freak out that it’ll be overcooked – unlike, for example, a steak left in the pan for a few moments too long. Having said that, there are a few tips that will ensure you get the most out of your sous vide cooker. (more…)

How To Cook the Perfect Sous Vide Steak

A medium-rare steak is like the litmus test of the culinary world: you’ve got nowhere to hide. It’s either tender, juicy and perfectly pink, or it’s not. And so it makes for an ideal sous vide test subject. We’re talking no sauces, no distractions. Just a beautifully cooked steak. (more…)