Author: Cole Wagoner

Need to Cover Your Sous Vide Container? Try Sous Vide Ping Pong Balls

You wake up to a faint beeping noise and groggily fumble around with your phone to press the snooze button on the notification that just popped up. When the beeping persists, you realize the notification is not your alarm, and the beeping is not your usual alarm tone. You roll out of bed and walk into the kitchen to confirm that your water-bath has dropped below the minimum level. Luckily, you make it in time to add some water to the pot and save those ribs you had cooking overnight thanks to the low-water alert from Anova. As you shuffle back to bed, you make a mental note to insulate the pot next time.

Meet #anovafoodnerd Erika Turk and learn the secret to perfect sous vide lamb chops

Erika Turk was NOT your typical university student during her time at college. Ramen and take out were not her normal meals. Instead? She got an Anova and ate like a queen for her four years. The best news? Now that she’s out of school and living in Dallas, she’s set herself up for sustained deliciousness. Read along and learn how Erika uses Anova to enrich her life, and try your hand at her wicked-delicious sous vide lamb chop recipe.


#anovafoodnerd Kevin Jeras Nerds Out About Nano

Hey folks! #anovafoodnerd Kevin Jeras is taking over the blog today to give you the rundown on his life with Anova, how he uses sous vide to enhance his families life, and why he’s adding another Anova to the mix with his recent purchase of the Anova Precision Cooker Nano. So, with that said, we’ll hand this over to Kevin to share his sous vide story in his own words…

I bought an Anova Precision Cooker for our household when they first came out to try.  My wife initially rolled her eyes at yet another gadget to clutter our kitchen.  But as we started to use it to cook steaks and chicken, and began to experience the convenience and freedom, as well as the quality outcomes you get from sous vide, we were hooked!


#anovafoodnerd Danny Della Lana’s Sous Vide Banana Bread Recipe

With a love of cooking for friends and family, Danny Della Lana was hooked on sous vide from the moment it was introduced to him. Residing in Minneapolis, Danny has used Anova to elevate his kitchen game to places he never imagined. Whether he’s hosting dinner for his family, or for 20 of his closest friends, he uses Anova to ensure the night is memorable, and the food is perfectly prepared. Danny is here today to share his sous vide infatuation, as well as an age-old family recipe for banana bread that he has modernized and made more delicious than ever.


Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Searing

You’ve just cooked your protein perfectly, and it needs a little exterior color to call the meal complete. Where do you turn? The smoke alarm goes off at the slightest hint of a smolder, and the “vent” above your stove might as well be just for looks. Time to head outside where we can really crank up the heat!


Super simple sous vide filet mignon with #anovafoodnerd and firefighter Patrick Mathieu


Food nerd fam, time to get to know Patrick Mathieu! Residing in Waterloo, Ontario, Patrick is a career firefighter who has taken a love to all things food. Just recently he began his foray into the world of sous vide with Anova. In that short time, he has been wildly successful in the kitchen. Patrick feeds his whole fire crew just about every night, and they can’t get enough of his perfectly cooked meals! Patrick has been gracious enough to share one of his favorite recipes with us. Read along more to learn about Patrick’s Anova love story, and his secret to sous vide filet mignon.


Perfect sous vide burgers with #anovafoodnerd Hadassa Lipskar

Food nerd fam, put your hands together for Hadassa Lipskar! Hailing from Brooklyn, by way of Miami, Hadassa is no stranger to the kitchen. One year ago, Hadassa made the leap into the world of sous vide cooking and joined the #anovafoodnerd fam. The rest is history! Hadassa is here today to share her recipe for perfect sous vide burgers with the whole food nerd fam.


Sous Vide Pork Belly with #anovafoodnerd Bea Mendoza

Bea Mendoza is an #anovafoodnerd from Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2015, she received the gift of pro-level cooking from her boyfriend. She has been sharing her culinary creations with the #anovafoodnerd fam ever since. Get to know Bea, and find out her secret to sous vide pork belly, along with a few more super-delicious dishes she’s created for you.