Sous Vide Skills 101

Our job is making your job in the kitchen easier, and our hardware is just half the battle. Whether you’re a well-seasoned #anovafoodnerd or a brand new user, cooking with an Anova Precision® Cooker or an Anova Precision® Oven, proper knowledge of how to effectively use your tools in the kitchen is key to an effortlessly delicious meal – no matter what you’re cooking. With so many new Anova users joining us since the holiday season, we figured it’d be a great time to share some skills that are just as useful on your first cook as they are on your thousandth. Enjoy! (more…)

7 of our Favorite Holiday Sides

Sides, sides, sides…we got ’em all. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our all-time favorite side dishes for you to peruse, free of panic. The best part? There’s no reason to choose just one – go nuts, it’s feasting season. With recipes custom made for both the Anova Precision Cookers and the Anova Precision Oven, we’ve got a little something something for everyone. (more…)

9 Anova Holiday Favorites

There may not be a lot of gathering this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t cook a holiday meal worth sharing — even if that means leftovers for days! We’ve rounded up some new recipes, and went deep into the library to show off some old favorites. Below, you’ll find sous vide recipes and recipes made for the Anova Precision Oven as well. Away we go… (more…)

Fresh, warm, gooey pastries in the Anova Precision® Oven

Whether you prefer warm and gooey, light and flakey, chocolatey or fruity, maybe even à la mode, fresh baked pastries tend to exist on another plane of existence when it comes to their ability to pique the interest of any living thing blessed with even a marginal sense of smell.

Plus, if you have kids, making a batch of cookies or a simple pie is the perfect excuse to get them in the kitchen and building memories that will last a lifetime. The Anova Precision® Oven only adds to the baking experience, allowing you to a keep hawk-like watch on your time and temp while ensuring all the right textures in all the right places – every time.

Ready to bake? We’ve curated a list of our favorite pies, cakes, cookies, galettes and more over on our latest blog post.


Soup-er Sous Vide Recipes

Well foodnerds, it’s officially slurpin’ season and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. It’s an undeniable fact of life that soup, when made properly, seems to withhold some inexplicable healing properties that are full-on soul affirming. Whether it’s a classic chicken noodle, a vegan creamy corn, or anything in-between, this weeks blog has all the sous vide soup recipes to keep your soul glowing through the winter months to come. (more…)

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving with Anova & Crowd Cow

Last week, we tackled a question that’s surely on many of our minds as we approach the later half of November –  “How are we supposed to proceed with what would normally be a time of households coming together, in the face of a global pandemic?” And as promised, we’re back with part two of our answer.

Teaming up with our friends at Crowd Cow, and #anovafoodnerds across the country, we’ll be using this year as an opportunity to break tradition and have fun with our menu.

This year, we are celebrating a far from normal year with some non-traditional Thanksgiving recipes. Working closely with our long distance friends at Crowd Cow and #anovafoodnerds across the country, we’ve created 8 recipes (for the Anova Precision Oven and Anova Precision Cooker!) that will have you feasting from Thanksgiving to New Years, and everything in-between.


#anovafoodnerd Debra Best bakes the best bread with the Anova Precision Oven

Debra Best mills her own flour to make bread. If that doesn’t paint a picture of how serious she takes her breads, nothing will. Since Debra has had her Anova Precision® Oven, she’s been baking multiple loaves a day and leaving us with maximum bread envy!

Take a look below at some of Debra’s creations, and see how she’s been using the Anova Precision® Oven to bake better bread.


Meet #anovafoodnerd and Anova Precision Oven recipe creator Sharee!

We’re back with more tasty Anova Precision Oven recipes and this week we are highlighting #anovafoodnerd and recipe creator Sharee! Sharee runs the cooking blog Savory Spicerack, what she calls a little blog with BIG flavor! She believes that cooking should never be boring, and dinner should always excite you!

Meet Sharee below, and see what she’s been cooking up with the Precision Oven and how it’s helped her deliver BIG flavor!