Sous Vide Holiday Classics

Decorations are up. Presents are wrapped (lol yea right.) It’s your time to shine now. Time to start menu planning for your holiday meal! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite #anovafoodnerd holiday classics as well as some new takes on traditional flavors. We got main entrees, side dishes, lots of veggies, and even some eggnog! Cook ’em all or pick your menu a la carte. Can’t go wrong. Let’s dive in. (more…)

Simple Sous Vide Thanksgiving

Sometimes we wanna keep it simple, but not sacrifice flavor and quality. Around the holidays there’s a lotta pressure to cook big extravagant meals, but lots of reasons why we may not want to. If you’ve been called upon to host a group and feel a little in over your head, or you’re bringing stuff to a bigger gathering, there’s a recipe below to fit the need. This blog covers some traditional Thanksgiving staples that you can serve up with ease. (more…)

Throw the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast

Been prepping your menu since Halloween? Ready to throw down a table full of tantalizing Thanksgiving dishes? With enough time to prep, multiple entree options (two different turkeys, ham, and prime rib) different sides, some desserts, and a cocktail — this collection of sous vide dishes is so good you’ll be expected to host Thanksgiving every year, which let’s be honest, you want. Let’s roll… (more…)

No More Dinner Drama

It’s an age-old problem: What’s for dinner? It’s quite possibly the most difficult, and most avoided question of the day. It’s so much easier to order takeout once you get home, right? Not anymore…No special skills needed, no level of training required. YOU can do it in three simple steps. 

We sent out a call to our #anovafoodnerd family to see what their favorite quick dinners (even a meatless option!) are, and we came up with these 5 super-simple #anovafoodnerd recipes make prep and planning a breeze and will help you take advantage of what matters most: time! Each recipe uses five or fewer ingredients (not including pantry staples such as flour, salt, pepper, butter, or oil) commonly found in any grocery store for ultimate simplicity.

Every meal is delicious, perfectly prepared, and whether you’re serving yourself or a whole crew of hungry mouths, is sure to satisfy. To the recipes! Click on the pic to see the full step-by-step recipe.


Make some ‘shroom in your kitchen this fall

Meatless options aplenty, that’s what you’re gonna find here. Mushrooms coming out your ears. Get ready for a flavor party, because we’re showing off some of our fave mushroom forward recipes submitted by our #anovafoodnerd crew! They rule. So do these recipes. Away we go… (more…)

Want a wicked sear? Grab the mayonnaise!

You pull that perfectly juicy steak from the water bath. All that’s left between you and heaven is a quick sear to crisp up the crust. We’ve heard of all the common methods: canola oil, butter, etc. What if we told you there’s a better way? Mayonnaise. Yes. When mayo is suggested as an option, people usually stop listening.

There are good reasons this popular sandwich spread produces a superior sear. Strip mayo down to its core and it’s essentially two things: oil and eggs. Both of these are commonly used in culinary applications for browning. Think egg wash on bread for a golden crust when baking, oil in a hot pan for the way you USED to sear. So what happens when they get used together? Magic. Maillard reaction magic.

Learn more below and unlock the secrets to some seriously superb sears. Bonus tip? Red meat not your thing? This trick also works great on pork, chicken, fish, etc!


Getting Started – Sous Vide 101 & FAQ’s

We welcome new users to the #anovafoodnerd family every day! We are as excited as you are to get you cooking like a pro, and want to loop you in on a hew tips and tricks that will start your sous vide journey down the path of smashing successes. Check out some top tips and tricks below, as well as some burning FAQ’s. Ready, set, sous vide! (more…)

Sous Vide Raptor

It’s the NBA Finals Game 6. Our hometown Warriors are in a do or die situation. It’s time to learn how to cook the nemesis into wicked-tender submission. Learn how to #sousvidetheraptors below.

Sous Vide Raptor

1. Acquire raptor. Don’t ask how. Just do it. Get a time machine. That’s not our problem.

2. Season raptor with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little Curry powder.

3. Heat Anova Precision Cooker to 129°F or 53.9°C for those of you above the border, which if that’s the the case you have already stopped reading.

4. Place raptor in a large Ziplock bag. (Prob bigger than they actually sell, but this is a fake recipe, and if you procured a raptor this should be no problem).

5. Sous Vide for 48 minutes for maximum tenderness.

6. Hire Klay Thompson to to incinerate a net with back-to-back-to-back 3 pointers and sear raptor over the open flame.

  And finally, Go Warriors!