Author: Cory Borman

Combining Our iOS Apps

Anova Culinary iOS vs Android Comparison

We finally combined our Anova WI-FI iOS, and Anova Culinary iOS app into one!

Over the past year and a half we’ve been laser focused on improving our connection success rate, and WI-FI user onboarding experience. We’ve done countless in-home, and in-office usability tests while learning as much as we can about our customer’s needs, wants, and pain points. Fortunately, the Anova WI-FI iOS app has provided us the luxury to design, and develop without disrupting our established community of Anova Culinary iOS app users. From the beginning, we had every intention in combining the apps into one unified experience. I’m happy to announce we’re finally ready to deliver the first iteration of the newly redesigned, and refactored Anova Culinary iOS app.