The Fusion of Sous Vide, Grilling, and Smoking Cooking Methods

Three years ago, about three months before Christmas, I saw an article on one of my favorite barbecue websites that was talking about this “new to me” cooking method called “sous vide” and how it could work well with barbecue.

I have to admit I had not heard much about it before and I was really into cooking barbecue on my ceramic grills and other cookers. One of the things that jumped out at me about this cooking method, is that it was really very similar to barbecue as it was still “low and slow” cooking, BUT with a big difference! You could actually cook meat to an EXACT internal temperature and make something like a Beef Brisket very tender BUT with a medium-rare doneness! Something you just cannot do using a grill or smoker alone! So that was enough to get me to “Ask Santa” for a Sous Vide Circulator and to try and learn more about sous vide. The rest is history.