Anova Precision Cooker Voice Integration!

I’ve been busy in the last few months playing with some new toys. For Christmas I got a much wanted Anova Precision Cooker with Wifi, and on the 4th of January I received an Amazon Echo Dot. Since I am a massive nerd, by the 9th of January I was able to control my Precision Cooker via an Alexa skill, and posted about it to reddit. A lot of reddit’s Precision Cooker owners were quite excited about this, and I got a lot of fantastic feedback from the /r/sousvide community about how I might improve the skill. Bill, one of Anova’s community managers, reached out a day later and put me in touch with Anova’s software development team. I was quite excited to be given the opportunity to help develop the official Alexa skill! We’re going to release the skill this month, but are currently still testing. Here’s a bunch of test videos showing some of the things you’ll be able to do with the skill: (more…)