#anovaFILMnerd Hai Tran

Hello! My name is Hai Tran and I’m the face behind @TheUpperLeftUSA. I’m a photographer and videographer based in Washington, USA. Over the past few years, I’ve been doing more and more film photography. Today, film photography is in the minority for some very obvious reasons. It’s unforgiving, time consuming, and can be quite expensive. As someone who essentially only shoots film now, I can completely understand why digital has completely taken over. That being said, I don’t think that film is going anywhere. It may not be in the mainstream, but there is definitely a resurgence of interest.


For those who are interested in shooting film, they will no doubt come to the crossroads of deciding between getting their photos developed at a professional lab and developing at home. I personally develop my own film. This is largely due to the cost of getting film developed at a lab. Prices can fluctuate quite a bit between different labs. I’ve seen prices as low as $7 per roll and as high as $20 per roll. That’s just ridiculous!

The cost of development through a lab alone can cost more than the camera that you took the pictures with. I just can’t justify paying someone to develop my film when the process is rather simple. One option is to buy a film processor to help with development. Having a processor is great, but modern options are very expensive. A new processor starts around $1700 and can cost as much as $3800. This of course is the price of just the processor, not including other essential equipment that you’ll need to actually use with the processor to develop film. Enter, my Anova Precision Cooker.