Ice Bath Setup is coming back to the Anova App…and it’s better than ever

ice bath setup
A few months ago, we removed Ice Bath Setup from the app to do some work on it. We wanted to make a few upgrades and implement learnings we received from all of you through the original version of the feature. After removing it, our food nerds spoke up and we saw what an important part of the experience it truly was for our WI-FI users. So, we hustled to get this feature back in the app and better than ever, and we know you’re going to love it.

Our New Version of Ice Bath Setup Will Feature Voice Integration

Ice Bath Setup is returning to the Anova Culinary App next month with an entirely redesigned experience that will include voice integration. Use the app, Google Home or Alexa to walk through–or, talk through–the process of setting up the perfect ice bath. The new and improved ice bath feature will make it easier than ever to get pro-level results, every day. (more…)

Meet Anova Chef Nicole Poirier

We’re excited to welcome Chef Nicole Poirier to the #anovafoodnerd fam to bring you food nerds lots more good stuff to cook up with Anova. As many of you food nerds may know, Anova started from a highly regarded scientific company known for providing high-quality lab equipment used for precision temperature control. We began nerding out in the kitchen with these devices when we discovered how easily we could create restaurant-quality results. So, we decided to bring our love of science to the kitchen. Cooking can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have years of experience. We wanted to use this technology to empower people with the ability to achieve professional-level cooking results with ease, no matter what their level of skill in the kitchen. (more…)

Super Simple Sous Vide Stuffing

Sous vide stuffing is super simple with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd Liz Alstott of San Francisco. This sous vide stuffing recipe comes out full of fluff and flavor, giving you one less thing to worry about during all of the Thanksgiving culinary madness. More time toasting to Turkey Day with the family, less time cleaning up a cooking catastrophe. Liz is not only a diehard #anovafoodnerd, but she’s also one of our newest members of the Anova team in San Francisco. On a typical day, you’ll find Liz hanging out with the food nerd family sharing her love of sous vide across our social network of nerds. When she’s not tweeting with the food nerd fam, you can find Liz experimenting with all sorts of sous vide recipes in the Anova kitchen. (more…)

Super Simple Sous Vide Steak Sandwiches

Sous vide steak sandwiches are super simple with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd Chef James Briscione of New York. These sous vide steak sandwiches are James’ game day tailgating favorite. More time throwing around the football, less time stuck standing over the grill. While Chef James is a pro, he understands the perils faced by home cooks in the kitchen and dedicates the majority of his time to educating cooks of every skill level and empowering them in the kitchen. He’s long been a fan of sous vide cooking, and has been using his Anova both professionally and at home since day one. (more…)

Anova Planning Tricks ‘n’ Treats for Wicked Good Halloween Recipes

Food nerds, All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us! These magical Anova tricks ‘n’ treats make it super simple to serve up a wicked good menu of Halloween recipes. No witchcraft or wizardry required, just a bubbling cauldron of precisely heated water and your Anova wand. We’ve got the tricks AND the treats covered this year with sous vide tips and recipes for plates of pumpkin-y goodness and sugary sweets and treats. Just don’t forget to pick up a bag of candy, because you might just end up keeping these treats for yourself. (more…)

Super Simple Sous Vide Cheesecake

Sous vide cheesecake is super simple with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd Chef Spizale of New Orleans. Plus, get the lowdown on his sous vide blueberry topping. Chef Spizale is a pro in the kitchen, but he doesn’t let that stop him from exploring new recipes and experimenting with sous vide. He’s created some crazy awesome recipes with his Anova, taking the complexity out of many challenging dishes and sharing the process with his fellow food nerds. Chef Spizale uses his Anova to make super simple yet amazingly delicious food, so the rest of us can literally cook like a pro. And for that, we thank him. (more…)

Super Simple Sous Vide Octopus by Frank Scholz

Cooking sous vide octopus at home might sound a bit intimidating, but with help from our #anovafoodnerd family, it can be quite simple to nail this seemingly formidable yet impressive dish. Since octopi are invertebrates, they develop super strong connective tissue throughout their muscles. Thus, cooking these tough little suckers to tenderness can be, well, tough. Consequently, you may find yourself chewing and tearing at a tentacled, rubbery result without the right method to break down that stubborn connective tissue. That’s where sous vide comes in. (more…)