Why Cook Sous Vide? The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be

Sous vide is an increasingly popular method of cooking in the home. By placing our food in plastic or silicone pouches, releasing the air (to get that “under vacuum” characteristic that the French words “sous” and “vide” translate to), and cooking it in a very precisely heated water bath, we can make reliably incredible meals time after time with very little margin of error. That should be reason enough in itself, but it is very far from the ONLY reason why.

If you’ve been asking yourself, or your friends “Why cook sous vide?”, then we have the answers for you!

Anova Culture: The Lunch Bunch

Huh? The Lunch Bunch?

A couple of weeks ago, while eating lunch together in the conference room at Anova HQ, a few of us who were regularly bringing our own lunches from home got to talking. Not surprisingly, a lot of us here at Anova LOVE to cook, love to eat, and love to share delicious recipes.

8 Weird Ways to Use Your Precision Cooker

By now, we are pretty familiar with the MOST popular way to use your Anova: to create the most amazingly delicious and perfectly-cooked meat, fish, and vegetables you have ever experienced. Restaurant quality meal creation at home is the box you have already ticked, but are you aware that there are also many other off-label and weird ways to use your Precision Cooker? Here is a list of our favorite eight. (more…)

Anova Guide to Sous Vide Basics: WHAT Is Sous Vide?

Of all of the questions I hear regarding sous vide cooking, the most popular one without a doubt is “What is sous vide?”. Of course this makes sense that it is the FIRST question we asks when we hear this term (or really any intriguing term in connection to delicious food!) for the first time. (more…)

Introducing the #anovafoodnerd Hall of Fame

Here at Anova, we LOVE our #anovafoodnerd fam! There are hundreds of thousands of people out there creating masterpieces with the help of the Anova, and we have an exciting new place where we will mount (digitally!) their statues.

Introducing, the #anovafoodnerd Hall of Fame!


The initial class features 12 food nerds who are long time Anova lovers and have been cranking out serious sous vide eats.


Give it up for:

Frank De Cambuse

Joe Pistone

Food Reuels

Kellie Alkayan

Josh Myer


Tim Shelburn

Carey Copeling

Anthony Spizale

Erika Turk

Melissa Reome

Cole Wagoner

Congratulations to everyone, and keep on cooking!

Want to be inducted in the next round? Fire up those Precision Cookers, then be sure to tag #anovafoodnerd and include time and temp!

Happy St. Paddy’s! The Great Corned Beef Experiment

In my family, the most celebrated characteristic of a holiday is the food that usually goes with it. Thanksgiving and turkey, Christmas and pork roast, Independence Day and burgers & hot dogs. This holds true for even the non-bank holidays, and every year, I would look forward to corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day.

As St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner, we decided that the time was right to create a heavenly, deliciously spiced, melt-in-your-mouth corned beef recipe. We also wanted to (more…)

Cook Once, Eat Five Times: Five Easy & Delicious Recipes for Sous Vide Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the most versatile kinds of beef out there. It’s a less expensive cut that has a rich, beautiful beefy flavor on its own, soaks up marinades and flavors fantastically, and is very easy to cook. Our basic sous vide flank steak recipe here can easily be transformed into a number of delicious iterations with only a few ingredients – which is why we have decided to feature it in our latest Cook Once, Eat Five Times batch cooking blog extravaganza! (more…)

The Results Are In! Anova Super Bowl Challenge Winners

Last week was a HUGE week, #anovafoodnerd family. Thank you for your patience while we had our plates full with the big news and corresponding necessary activity around our joining forces with Electrolux. It is a huge win all around, and we are excited for what is coming. Now,  we’re ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming. And that means revealing the winners of the Anova Super Bowl Challenge! (more…)

Nerds like us

We’re super excited about the Electrolux acquisition because of the team with which we’ll be working. Ola Nilsson, Small Appliances CEO, is a self-admitted food nerd and so is Jonas Samuelson, Group CEO. We’ve always been proud of the fact that we not only work at Anova, but we’re also customers and members of the community. Jonas and Ola’s food nerd status is just another reason why our companies are such a good fit.

Electrolux to acquire fast-growing smart kitchen appliance company Anova from Electrolux Group on Vimeo.