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The Fusion of Sous Vide, Grilling, and Smoking Cooking Methods

Three years ago, about three months before Christmas, I saw an article on one of my favorite barbecue websites that was talking about this “new to me” cooking method called “sous vide” and how it could work well with barbecue.

I have to admit I had not heard much about it before and I was really into cooking barbecue on my ceramic grills and other cookers. One of the things that jumped out at me about this cooking method, is that it was really very similar to barbecue as it was still “low and slow” cooking, BUT with a big difference! You could actually cook meat to an EXACT internal temperature and make something like a Beef Brisket very tender BUT with a medium-rare doneness! Something you just cannot do using a grill or smoker alone! So that was enough to get me to “Ask Santa” for a Sous Vide Circulator and to try and learn more about sous vide. The rest is history.


Check Out How These Super Moms use Anova to Make Mealtimes Easy and Delicious

On a daily basis, moms are juggling a thousand and one things to keep their households running smoothly and cooking is just one of those. Fast forward to dinner time…you just got home from work and start to prepare the food, then one child comes running in asking for a snack, the next minute the other little one is thirsty, then someone needs help with homework.

Using traditional cooking methods, any one of these small distractions could quickly turn your Monday night masterpiece into Monday night madness resulting in a last minute pizza run. If this sounds like I’ve just tapped into your Nest camera, then you’ll want to check out these #AnovaFoodNerd Super Moms who have mastered mealtime with the help of their Anova Precision® Cookers, serving up delicious and nutritious dishes night after night.


Introducing the Anova Precision® Cooker Pro

We’re launching an all-new device for professionals—The Anova Precision® Cooker Pro. Three years in the making, the Anova Pro is insanely powerful, built to run nonstop, and ruggedized for the most demanding professional kitchens. I think it’s the best sous vide device that’s ever been produced. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


The Secrets to Sous Vide Ramen

It’s more than just a cheap college eat, ramen has gained popularity worldwide in the food scene, and for good reason. Rich broth, creamy eggs, and the most insane pork belly topping make for a meal to remember. But let’s be honest…it’s a bit of a chore to cook and assemble all those ingredients at home. Sometimes it’s easier to go out and pay $15 for a bowl of the slurp-worthy soup – but save your cash and whip up a better version at home.


Announcing a New Mobile App

We’re happy to share what we’ve been working on with our #anovafoodnerdsWe will be shipping a new mobile app this summer. Late last year, we began working on completely rewriting our mobile app and we’re excited to say that this newer, better app is almost ready for primetime.


Sous Vide Tempered Chocolate from #anovafoodnerd Eddie Rozenblat

Hello, my name is Eddie and I’m a chocolate addict…

One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate, so this experiment was both exciting and fattening for me…

There are several traditional tempering methods which involve heat measurements, seeding or tabling using continuous movement.

I decided to temper chocolate while staying in my comfort zone (sous vide), and the results were pretty good.


Meet the Anova Madness Elite Eight!

March may be over, but Anova Madness is just beginning to heat up. With over 200 entries, we are now down to the Elite Eight – the best of the best #anovafoodnerd dishes of the year. Here’s a first hand look at your fellow #AnovaFoodNerds (in no particular order).

Check out their wicked sous vide dishes, as they share their recipes, with commentary on their Anova sous vide journey.


This Holiday Season…Put a Lid On It

It’s lid’t nerds!

We’re super-pumped to announce that the Anova Precision Cooker Lid is available for purchase. Covering your sous vide pot ensures maximum efficiency for your Anova essentially eliminating any evaporation.

Sleep easy when you’re cooking that perfect overnight chuck roast, knowing that your cook will wont be interrupted by low water levels.


Your Total Sous Vide Turkey Guide

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we’re here to make your day more delicious – and easier than ever. Check out the recipes below to nail your Thanksgiving centerpiece – whether you want a whole bird, a smoked and sous vide breast, or just juicy dark and white meat cooked separately, we got a recipe for you! (more…)