Cook Once, Eat Five Times: Five Easy & Delicious Recipes for Sous Vide Flank Steak

Flank steak is one of the most versatile kinds of beef out there. It’s a less expensive cut that has a rich, beautiful beefy flavor on its own, soaks up marinades and flavors fantastically, and is very easy to cook. Our basic sous vide flank steak recipe here can easily be transformed into a number of delicious iterations with only a few ingredients – which is why we have decided to feature it in our latest Cook Once, Eat Five Times batch cooking blog extravaganza! (more…)

The Results Are In! Anova Super Bowl Challenge Winners

Last week was a HUGE week, #anovafoodnerd family. Thank you for your patience while we had our plates full with the big news and corresponding necessary activity around our joining forces with Electrolux. It is a huge win all around, and we are excited for what is coming. Now,  we’re ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming. And that means revealing the winners of the Anova Super Bowl Challenge! (more…)

Nerds like us

We’re super excited about the Electrolux acquisition because of the team with which we’ll be working. Ola Nilsson, Small Appliances CEO, is a self-admitted food nerd and so is Jonas Samuelson, Group CEO. We’ve always been proud of the fact that we not only work at Anova, but we’re also customers and members of the community. Jonas and Ola’s food nerd status is just another reason why our companies are such a good fit.

Electrolux to acquire fast-growing smart kitchen appliance company Anova from Electrolux Group on Vimeo.

Epic Super Bowl Party Planning Guide

The Super Bowl is upon us and SURE! We care about the game. But really – let’s be honest. We care more about the party and the food. So we decided to put together an all-inclusive guide to help you get ready as well as prepare the menu for your best Super Bowl party yet. (more…)

Comprehensive Searing Guide: Part One – Indoor

You have mastered the technique of getting your food to precisely the right temperature and texture with your Anova. Now, it is time to conquer the next level – searing. Searing brings your professional-level results to new heights and makes your sous vide prepared food more appealing both your eyes AND your palate. (more…)


Super Bowl LI is almost here – and we’d love your help putting together the most awesome game day prep guide in existence. We want to reward you for helping, too. So we’ve decided to throw a weeklong challenge with a Precision Cooker giveaway to collect as many great tailgating recipe ideas as possible! (more…)

Cracking the Starbucks Code: Easy Homemade Sous Vide Egg Bites

In the first week of 2017, Starbucks announced their newest addition, Sous Vide Egg Bites. In response to customers requesting non-bready breakfast options over the last couple of years, their recipe development team chose to follow the rising trend of cooking with immersion circulators and devised these recipes. And so, the sous vide egg bite was born.


The Food Lab’s Guide to Sous Vide Lobster


Lobster was the first meat that I ever cooked sous vide, and it’s still one of my favorites. If buttery, tender, sweet poached flavor is what you’re after, there’s no better way to cook it. Sous vide lobster is better than the best steamed or boiled lobster you’ve ever tasted. How much better? If I were in a mood for writing in hyperbolic tropes I’d tell you that it’s [insert arbitrarily large number here] times better. But if I’m being honest, it’s a lot better than boiled lobster, significantly better than steamed lobster, and a plain old better than roasted lobster. It’s also heck of a lot more foolproof than any of those methods and also affords the opportunity to infuse that lobster meat with extra flavor. Think: lobster with the butter built right into it. Doesn’t that sound swell?