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Want a wicked sear? Grab the mayonnaise!

You pull that perfectly juicy steak from the water bath. All that’s left between you and heaven is a quick sear to crisp up the crust. We’ve heard of all the common methods: canola oil, butter, etc. What if we told you there’s a better way? Mayonnaise. Yes. When mayo is suggested as an option, people usually stop listening.

There are good reasons this popular sandwich spread produces a superior sear. Strip mayo down to its core and it’s essentially two things: oil and eggs. Both of these are commonly used in culinary applications for browning. Think egg wash on bread for a golden crust when baking, oil in a hot pan for the way you USED to sear. So what happens when they get used together? Magic. Maillard reaction magic.

Learn more below and unlock the secrets to some seriously superb sears. Bonus tip? Red meat not your thing? This trick also works great on pork, chicken, fish, etc!


Meet the New Anova Precision Cooker

Meet the New 2019 Anova Precision Cooker
We’re proud to welcome an all-new Anova Precision Cooker to our family of products. It’s faster, stronger, and more compact. It’s the best pound-for-pound product we’ve created and it will be the future of sous vide. I’m super excited to see where our #anovafoodnerds take the all-new Anova Precision Cooker. (more…)

Tips & Tricks to Make the Best Homemade Yogurt

Smooth, creamy, tangy, and delicious. We could list a 100 reasons why yogurt is the best, but making it at home is a headache. It takes hours upon hours of hovering over the stove making sure the temperature is justtt right. Gotta be an easier way, right? Enter Anova. The precision of Anova makes maintaining the perfect temperature involved in traditional methods a cinch. All you need to do now is quickly heat the milk, whisk some yogurt starter in, pour into jars, and walk away as your yogurt cooks. That’s it. Check out #anovafoodnerd Justin Borecky’s guide to cranking out wicked-tasty yogurt at home, easier than ever. (more…)

How to Brew Cold Brew Coffee in Only Two Hours

Waiting 12-24 hours for delicious cold brew coffee is a thing of the past. Unleash the power of Anova and deliver incredible sous vide cold brew coffee in a fraction of the time. Find out why sous vide coffee makes for a better brew with Anova with coffee aficionado and #anovafoodnerd Johnny Gabaldon and learn how to set up a sous vide cold brew coffee experiment of your own.


The Complete Guide to Sous Vide Ice Cream

I scream…you scream…we all scream for perfectly silky, creamy, flavourful, foolproof Sous Vide ICE CREAM!

After making gallons and gallons of homemade ice cream over the years, it still amazes me how a few simple, everyday ingredients can be transformed into such a crowd-pleaser, and using the Anova guarantees fuss-free flavor-infused custards time after time. No more dealing with stovetop custard cooking, which can lead to scorched cream and dealing with dirty pots and pans.  


Getting Started – Sous Vide 101 & FAQ’s

We welcome new users to the #anovafoodnerd family every day! We are as excited as you are to get you cooking like a pro, and want to loop you in on a hew tips and tricks that will start your sous vide journey down the path of smashing successes. Check out some top tips and tricks below, as well as some burning FAQ’s. Ready, set, sous vide! (more…)

$100 on a steakhouse dinner? Never again.

Long gone are the days of your favorite steakhouse being the only option to treat yourself to a perfectly-cooked ribeye. Ditch dropping $100 for dinner in a dark dining room, and cook a better steak for the price your ex-favorite spot charges for valet parking. 

So grab a nice thick ribeye from your butcher or local grocery store and learn how to cook the perfect steak with your Anova Precision® Cooker. Check out the video and recipe below to up your steak game.


No More Undercooked Fried Chicken

Last time you cooked fried chicken did your scenario look like this? You bring out the platter of fried chicken to a crowd of hungry friends as they look in delight for that juicy bite of fried chicken. But secretly you’re cringing inside not sure if the chicken is fully cooked inside?

That’s where sous vide fried chicken comes in. With your Anova Precision Cooker, you don’t have to worry if the chicken is underdone…ever! It’s cooked to perfection every time. If you’ve got a party, you can even cook the chicken ahead of time, and fry it right before your guests arrive so it’s nice and hot. Less stress (and less time in the oil!) is always best, so go get some birds, beers, and fry up a fried chicken feast!


How to proof bread with your Anova Precision Cooker

The best part about homemade bread? Eating homemade bread. Worst part? Having to find that perfect spot in your kitchen to proof your bread properly. Proper proofing, also known as the final rise of shaped bread dough before baking, requires temps of around 80°F / 27°C, much hotter than most our homes. With the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker you can prep your bread like a pro!

If you live in an area like me where you deal with some pretty cold winters, sometimes your house isn’t as suitable for proofing as you’d like it to be. Sure you could try to use your oven proof setting but you’re looking at around 160°-180°F at the lowest! That’s not proofing, that’s slow cooking. Follow these easy steps for some of the best homemade bread you’ve ever had.

Bonus? Four real ingredients. No fillers. No nasty stuff. Just flour, water, salt, and yeast.