Anova Partners with Costco

Exciting news #anovafoodnerd fam! We are now in select Costco clubs around the country with a wicked-deal on the Anova Precision® Cooker and the Anova Precision® Cooker Container bundle.

Check out the locations below to see if there is one near you, and save $79.99 when buying the bundle.


Buffalo Hot Sauce Duo: Chicken Wings & Cauliflower Pizza – Sous Vide with Anova & flame cooked by Ooni

Good things come in pairs, and this duo of buffalo chicken wings and buffalo cauliflower pizza recipe joins the precision of Anova sous vide cooking with the power of Ooni flame cooking for the ultimate tender, fiery combo. Thanks to Ooni ambassador Josh Tahan (@truecraftbbq), creating these jaw-dropping wings and this mouth-watering pizza at home is easy. And don’t forget about the homemade Buffalo Sauce either – you’ll never want store-bought again!

And just in case Josh’s recipe inspiration isn’t enough – Anova + Ooni are dedicating 5% of sales made from our websites from July 20th – July 27th* to support two causes close to our heart, La Cocina and Action Against Hunger. Join us in giving back while cooking like a pro.


The World’s Best Steak – Sous Vide with Anova & Seared by Ooni

Food brings people together, it’s a fact of life. Well, over that past few months we’ve been making GREAT friends with what we’d say is the foodspace peanut butter to our jelly, the wine to our cheese, the pepperoni to our pizza – Ooni.

Based across the pond in Scotland, they make high powered (open flame) pizza ovens small enough to toss in your closet and powerful enough to crank out more Neapolitan style pizzas than you could ever hope to eat in a single evening. We know that good things come in pairs, and when you combine two forces like the Anova Precision Cooker and Ooni pizza oven, you’re bound to get epic results – like this recipe for perfectly cooked steak from Ooni Ambassador and #anovafoodnerd Josh Tahan (@truecraftbbq).


8 Sous Vide Hacks

By now, we are pretty familiar with the MOST popular way to use your Anova: to create the most amazingly delicious and perfectly-cooked meat, fish, and vegetables you have ever experienced. Restaurant quality meal creation at home is the box you have already ticked, but are you aware that there are also many other off-label and weird ways to use your Precision Cooker? Here is a list of our favorite eight. (more…)

7 Summer Sous Vide Dishes

In most of the world, the sun is shining and it’s time to enjoy some sous vide dishes as bright as that warm yellow orb. Whether you have a backyard oasis or just looking for a bite of a fresh summer dish, we got you taken care of with some of our current favorite dishes from our #anovafoodnerd fam. (more…)

Supporting Local Food Entrepreneurs with La Cocina

Across the U.S., every restaurant, big or small, has been impacted by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Many entrepreneurs have had to make difficult decisions to temporarily close their restaurants and lay off staff while others have done their best to pivot and continue to do what they love: feed the community.


How to Use your Sous Vide Sustainably Part 3: Glass Edition

Many people associate the term “sous vide” with cooking in plastic bags — but as we’ve discovered in the past two weeks there are alternative cooking methods to choose from. Glass canning jars are a great option, especially for recipes that require a lot of liquid or high cooking temperatures. Beans, pickles and grains all work well in jars, as do desserts such as cakes and custards. Not to mention infused cocktails and cold brew coffee (that’s right – you can make cold brew coffee in glass jars). Glass may seem like a non-traditional method, but it remains stable under a wide range of temperatures making it a great, reusable and eco-friendly option! (more…)