Combining Our iOS Apps

Anova Culinary iOS vs Android Comparison

We finally combined our Anova WI-FI iOS, and Anova Culinary iOS app into one!

Over the past year and a half we’ve been laser focused on improving our connection success rate, and WI-FI user onboarding experience. We’ve done countless in-home, and in-office usability tests while learning as much as we can about our customer’s needs, wants, and pain points. Fortunately, the Anova WI-FI iOS app has provided us the luxury to design, and develop without disrupting our established community of Anova Culinary iOS app users. From the beginning, we had every intention in combining the apps into one unified experience. I’m happy to announce we’re finally ready to deliver the first iteration of the newly redesigned, and refactored Anova Culinary iOS app.

Getting Started – New User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Between the holidays and the new year, we have a lot of new users to welcome to the #anovafoodnerd family! We are as excited as you are to get you cooking like a pro, but we recognize that you may have questions before you even attempt your first cook. And we are happy to help with that, for both the new user and existing #anovafoodnerd.

Anova CES 2017 – Nerd Out Over Our Latest Hits

Head on down to the Anova CES 2017 booth and nerd out with Team Anova. The largest annual convention in Las Vegas is happening NOW and Anova is part of it! The Consumer Electronics Show draws almost 200k people annually. All of the latest, greatest new tech inventions designed for individual usage are brought to introduce to the world. This year, food nerds, Anova is bringing FOUR amazing new products to the market designed from the ground up with the food nerd fam in mind:

Anova Hacks – New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again to make New Year’s Resolutions! 2016 is ready to go on the shelf as we step into a fresh new year, full of possibility. Most of us have just indulged (or are still indulging) in beautiful holiday fare. We have the idea in mind that as of January 1st, we will turn over a new leaf with our New Year’s Resolutions. Well, #anovafoodnerd family, we are here to help you with that!


Health Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking with Anova

“Without health there is no happiness. An attention to health, then, should take the place of every other object.” – Thomas Jefferson

There are so many reasons to cook with an Anova immersion circulator, but today I want to take a moment to focus on the health benefits of sous vide cooking. So often we focus on the other perks of sous vide – consistent and beautiful results, ease of use, longer storage periods for prepared foods, more aesthetically pleasing food, better flavors – yet remain less aware of the health benefits. We want to change that! We want you to know how using your Anova not only enhances the quality of your meal, but can also elevate the quality of your health.

Anova’s Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Sous Vide Cooler

This sous vide cooler guide has everything you need to cook for days (literally!). In a recent post, we talked all about different cooking vessels–from sous vide coolers to stock pots–and what you can do to make them most effective. The key word is insulation! So how do you make the MOST effective cooking vessel? Start with an insulated container, like a cooler–or, in this case, a Frankencooler!


The Ultimate Sous Vide Creme Brûlée

When I was 19 or so, I was introduced to the wonder of creme brûlée by the mother of a child I was nannying in the summers during college, Mrs. Keith. She knew I loved to cook, though my ambitions were not yet in the realm of becoming a chef. Cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and ramekins were always on hand in their well-equipped kitchen, yet they had never been converted into the caramelized sugar-coated classic that we all know and love. One day, she simply said “I feel like creme brûlée . Let’s make some and put blueberries in it.”


Anova Hacks – Simple Fixes for Floating Bags!


“How do I keep my sous vide bags from floating?” The question of floating bags is one of our most frequently encountered here at Anova, and an issue both experienced and new cooks face. It also happens to be a very important one since unsubmerged ingredients simply do not cook when using the sous vide method. Also, when part of a protein remains above the water, it can compromise the quality and safety of the entire piece. Well food nerds, we here at Anova do not want you to have to face this floating bag quandary anymore, so we compiled a list of potential solutions to your floating bag problems! But first, why do the bags float in the first place?


The Stress-Free Guide to Holiday Planning & Partying with Anova

Holiday parties are generally a pleasure for those attending, but can be quite stressful for those doing the actual holiday planning and hosting. Especially when the host is the one charged with making all of the food! You’re making more food than you normally would for more people than you typically feed. This can make more room for mishaps than you would face feeding your family on an average Tuesday night, but hosting your party using your Anova can minimize that possibility and MAXIMIZE the enjoyment you get out of the party as a host!

Spoiler Alert: I’ve included some potential menu combinations at the end of the post–you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with choices reading the next section!