Stress-Free Sous Vide Prime Rib from #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

Prime rib (or standing rib roast or beef ribeye roast or whatever you want to call it) is the quintessential “special occasion” meal. When prepared correctly, it’s a grand culinary masterpiece. When under-seasoned or over-cooked, it’s a really expensive “meh,” especially if you’ve splurged on actual USDA prime-grade beef.

Fear not, with the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you get perfect prime rib every time, with less than an hour of active cooking time. For us, “perfect” means medium rare, but you can easily adjust to your preference. (See the Anova time and temp guide to find your “perfect.”)


Sous Vide Dark and Wintry Vermouth with #anovafoodnerd Zach Johnston

Why make vermouth when you can just buy it? Fair question. Making your own vermouth means you have control over what goes in. Using the precise temperature control of Anova means you can coax flavors in ways that won’t harm the alcohol or over-infuse the botanicals leaving you with flavor-packed sous vide vermouth. Infusing alcohol is very exacting in which temperatures work best. With the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you take all the guesswork away and assure that your alcohol will be the best representation of what it’s meant to be.


The Ultimate Guide to Sous Vide Turkey Breast with Crispy Skin

The turkey is the star of the show come Thanksgiving but can present some problems when cooks traditionally. Overcooked dry meat, and it takes up the whole oven preventing the preparation of other sides. We’ve solved all of those problems! Make this Thanksgiving one to remember and check out the full guide below on how to cook the juiciest, most tender sous vide turkey breast ever with your Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. (more…)

Perfectly Poached Sous Vide Whole Chicken with #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

NOTE: We’re turning the blog over to #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin as he shares one of his favorite recipes to dish up with his Anova!

The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker gives you a foolproof path to perfect poached chicken. The consistent temperature ensures even cooking throughout — with white and dark meat equally moist and tender — and the addition of aromatic vegetables and umami-rich dried mushrooms and soy sauce creates an amazing depth of flavor throughout.


Perfect Sous Vide Salmon with #anovafoodnerd Harvey Persson

“If Harvey can do it, I can do it!” is usually what he hears when #anovafoodnerd Harvey Persson delivers a delicious sous vide dish to the table. Having long had a passion for cooking, but admittedly struggling to get everything just right, after he unwrapped his Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker on Christmas morning 2016, he knew the game was about to be changed. Inspiring countless others to take the same journey he has, Harvey has truly taken the food nerd family by storm and is cranking out perfectly-cooked proteins time after time, with minimal effort. Read along to learn Harvey’s incredible story, and get his recipe for super-simple sous vide salmon. (more…)

Throw the Best Singles’ Day Dinner Party Ever with Anova

It’s time to celebrate Singles’ Day with some delicious, and perfectly cooked food! Grab your friends, revel in your independence, and throw the get together of your dreams with the help of the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, currently available at the lowest price ever. Check out the recipes below and serve up some wildly-delicious dishes and a lively libation that’s super-simple to make ahead of time to deliver the best dinner party ever. Whether you’re cooking for 2 people or for 20, these dishes are sure to satisfy. (more…)

Perfect Sous Vide Scallops with #anovafoodnerd Abby Allen

“Love at first cook!” This is how Abby Allen describes her first experience with her Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Having had an appreciation for good food since childhood, when she unwrapped her new toy on Christmas of 2016, she saw her culinary horizons expand in ways she never imagined. Read along for Abby’s killer sous vide scallops recipe and learn how she uses Anova to excel in preparing meals she never dreamed of serving. (more…)