7 Sous Vide Cocktails to Infuse you With Some Spirit

Patiently heading into each new week of quarantine, we’re constantly looking for new ways to mix things up in the kitchen — but this week we’re bringing happy hour home.

Whether you’re shooting for a saucy brunch cocktail (a la bacon infused bloody Mary), or just wanna go the extra mile and bring a tiki drink to your next zoom call, we’ve got you covered with sous vide cocktail infusion recipes that are guaranteed to get the party started.


7 Finger Lickin’ Sous Vide BBQ Recipes

Just because you can’t have the whole neighborhood over to your BBQ this Memorial Day weekend doesn’t mean you can’t BBQ (or make BBQ-esque food). In fact, it just means you get first dibs on all the prime cuts!

Head over to the blog where we’ve got plenty of smokey, sauce slathered, falling off the bone #anovafoodnerd recipes for everyone from full on backyard pit masters to apartment dwelling vegans. (more…)

How to proof bread with your Anova Precision Cooker

People are baking bread. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Just kidding, everybody and their mother has taken to flexing their precious home-leavened loaves on the ‘gram since quarantine started and flour became such a coveted ingredient among food nerds. So how can sous vide help you go full #yeastmode on your next loaf?!

Sometimes your house isn’t as suitable for proofing as you’d like it to be. Sure you could try to use your oven proof setting but you’re looking at around 160°-180°F at the lowest! That’s not proofing, that’s slow cooking. If only there were a device in your kitchen that can hold a precise temperature…oh wait! We hooked up with #anovafoodnerd Mike Castaneda who is kind enough to walk us through his process for making bread at home with a sous vide assist

Bonus? Four real ingredients. No fillers. No nasty stuff. Just flour, water, salt, and yeast.


Make Perfect Sous Vide Seafood at Home — 5 of our favorite #anovafoodnerd recipes

By nature, most seafood is extremely easy to dry out, which is why it’s a prime candidate for, you guessed it – sous vide cooking. And this might surprise you (it did us!), but people are cooking seafood at home right now more than ever. We’ve hit up a few #anovafoodnerds to see what kinda seafood they’ve been cooking at home over the last few weeks and are sharing their recipes below! (more…)

These 3 #anovafoodnerd Moms are Doing Mother’s Day at Home!

Admittedly, we all miss going to out favorite restaurants, especially for big occasions like Mother’s Day. But things are a bit different now, and a lot of us are having to change up the traditions and cook at home. So let’s make this the best Mother’s Day meal it can be, and celebrate what deserves celebrating with some restaurant-level dishes made simple!

We’ve rounded up a few #anovafoodnerd Moms who are celebrating in style, eating (and cooking!) delicious food and spending that special day with the fam. See how they are planning to celebrate their special Sunday. Meet ’em!


Turn Leftovers into Delicious Lunches

This weeks blog is pulling double duty. We’re rounding up some #anovafoodnerd recipes that let you enjoy an easy dinner and use the leftovers to achieve leftover lunch nirvana. Amp up sandwiches, salads, wraps, and more. Let the ramen packets rest for a week, and actually look forward to lunch for once. (more…)

Sous Vide Recipes that are REALLY Comforting

There are some dishes that just have this uncanny ability to put our bodies and minds at ease. They speak sweet nothings to the soul, give it a little pat on the head, and leave us feeling, well – completely comforted.

Comfort food may have a bit of a rep for being calorie heavy (Thanks potatoes!), but honestly it’s nice to embrace that side of cooking every once in a while. We’ve even thrown in a couple dessert options, because 3 desserts = dinner. Balance it out with some greens if you must!