Throwing the Ultimate Food Nerd Dinner Party

What happens when 5 college friends decide to use their newfound cooking skills and throw a two-night pop-up sous vide dinner party for 40 friends and family? A full on food nerd fiesta breaks out! Zachary Cohen, Julian Daly, Tobias Rosen, Ben Rosenberg, and Sam Wasserman are all students at Cal, and close friends, took on this challenge and knocked it out of the park.


Healthy sous vide recipes with #anovafoodnerd Jen Stone

Where to even begin with Jen Stone. If there was a queen of sous vide, she would definitely be in the running. Hailing from Toronto, Jen has whipped up countless healthy sous vide recipes since becoming an #anovafoodnerd more than two years ago. Get to know Jen Stone, consummate #anovafoodnerd and learn a few of her healthy sous vide recipes.


Meet the #anovafoodnerd, Andrew Wisnionski!

Food nerd family, get to know the latest #anovafoodnerd, Andrew Wisnionski and learn his secret to sous vide pork shoulder. An avid home cook turned culinary student, Andrew has shown his love for food, and for Anova. What a beautiful combo that is, and he’s using it to his full advantage.


The #anovafoodnerd family is nerding out with Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day we should shower Mom with gifts and let her kick back and relax while we cook her an amazing meal.For some, you might be lucky enough to enjoy her company while she provides you with an epic meal (because she just loves cooking with her Anova, of course!).

Nothing says love like good food. A few members of the #anovafoodnerd family shared their plans for the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend and how they’re celebrating with Mom. Check out how these food nerds and food nerd mommas are using Anova to make the day extra memorable.


The Ultimate Guide to Sous Vide Carnitas

sous vide carnitas

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Carnitas are the the undisputed king of the taco cart.

The Mexican answer to American pulled pork, at their best they should be moist, juicy, and ultra-porky with the rich, tender texture of a French confit, and riddled with plenty of well-browned crisp edges. Traditionally, they’re made by simmering chunks of juicy pork in rendered large inside a large copper vat (a cazo) until tender and crisp.

At home, I’ve been making them for years using my oven-based recipe. It’s a fantastic and easy method, but it’s not as easy as using your Anova. For one thing, you don’t have to heat up the oven or worry about leaving it on all afternoon.


Sous Vide Salmon with Hollandaise by #anovafoodnerd Derek Gaughan

anovafoodnerd derek gaughan sous vide guy

What’s better than a perfectly cooked filet of sous vide salmon? A super simple sous vide hollandaise recipe to go with it. These wicked good recipes were dreamed up by Derek Gaughan, an #anovafoodnerd and sous vide legend from Pennsylvania.

Derek’s always sharing his favorite recipes with the food nerd fam, and he makes sure each recipe is easy to follow along with and, of course, delicious. He’s even shared the full details for two of his favorites–sous vide salmon with a sous vide hollandaise sauce–for a double dose of sous vide perfection that the whole #anovafoodnerd family can enjoy.

Get to know Derek, and learn to cook his favorite sous vide recipes with ease.


Update on User Accounts

Here’s what happened with user accounts . . .

We recently released a new version of our app. To use this new version, you must set up a user account by entering and verifying your email address and a password.

Why the change? Voice control. You can use your Anova with Google Voice and in the near future, Anova will be a skill within the Amazon Echo skill ecosystem. Users can only use Amazon Echo and Google Voice integration if they have a user account, so we implemented user accounts for all app users.

Our mistake – we made user accounts mandatory.  After rolling out our latest app update, it became apparent that this mandatory requirement is unfair. We’re sorry. We just dumped a requirement on our community without giving you a choice.


Spring Loaded – Super Simple & Tasty Recipes for an Easy Easter Feast

Easter is another holiday known for feasting. And with the bounty of spring upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, we have fresh, new ingredients to play with! Asparagus, green peas, mandarins, spring lamb, and more. In honor of both the season and the holiday, Chef Nicole has come up with some brand-spankin’ new and easy recipes to make your feast even more delicious, no matter what time of day. (more…)

Get to know the latest #anovafoodnerd, Nick Roush

Nick Roush is an #anovafoodnerd who resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Nick quickly became one of our most prominent food nerds after he joined the fam and started serving up such delicious sous vide eats that he started his own sous vide burger biz. Learn about this epic food nerd’s story and discover his top secret recipe for sous vide burgers.