These 3 #anovafoodnerd Moms are Doing Mother’s Day at Home!

Admittedly, we all miss going to out favorite restaurants, especially for big occasions like Mother’s Day. But things are a bit different now, and a lot of us are having to change up the traditions and cook at home. So let’s make this the best Mother’s Day meal it can be, and celebrate what deserves celebrating with some restaurant-level dishes made simple!

We’ve rounded up a few #anovafoodnerd Moms who are celebrating in style, eating (and cooking!) delicious food and spending that special day with the fam. See how they are planning to celebrate their special Sunday. Meet ’em!


Turn Leftovers into Delicious Lunches

This weeks blog is pulling double duty. We’re rounding up some #anovafoodnerd recipes that let you enjoy an easy dinner and use the leftovers to achieve leftover lunch nirvana. Amp up sandwiches, salads, wraps, and more. Let the ramen packets rest for a week, and actually look forward to lunch for once. (more…)

Sous Vide Recipes that are REALLY Comforting

There are some dishes that just have this uncanny ability to put our bodies and minds at ease. They speak sweet nothings to the soul, give it a little pat on the head, and leave us feeling, well – completely comforted.

Comfort food may have a bit of a rep for being calorie heavy (Thanks potatoes!), but honestly it’s nice to embrace that side of cooking every once in a while. We’ve even thrown in a couple dessert options, because 3 desserts = dinner. Balance it out with some greens if you must!


Skip the Grocery Lines and Fight Food Waste with Anova + Imperfect Foods

Here at Anova, we LOVE food – but we don’t love wasting it. So when we found out that over 20 billion pounds of food is thrown away every year simply because it doesn’t look “pretty” enough, we decided to do something about it. This month, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Anova is teaming up with Imperfect Foods to raise awareness around food waste. Since 2015, Imperfect Foods has disrupted the food system by saving produce deemed “cosmetically imperfect” and delivering them to customers’ doors at a discounted rate.


Need Perfect Brisket? Junior #anovafoodnerd Max Has the Hook Up!

If you’ve got children (or an adult who acts like a child), at this point you’re probably open to just about anything to keep them busy while spending all this extended time indoors – why not put them in the drivers seat while cooking your next meal?

It’s fun, educational, and will get them started on a skill many of us wish we’d take up earlier in life. This week on the blog we’ve got a feature on our dude Max, a junior #anovafoodnerd from the UK is cooking up brisket that goes toe-to-toe with anyone, no matter the age.


Vegetarian Buddha Bowl Recipe with Brita Britnell from Food With Feeling

This month, Anova teamed up with Imperfect Foods and Food with Feeling founder and influencer Brita Britnell to bring you our first (incredibly delicious) sous vide vegetarian buddha bowl.

Brita used her Anova Precision® Cooker Pro, the Anova Reusable Silicone Sous Vide Bag in partnership with Stasher, plus ingredients such as onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, quinoa, garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil and more from her Imperfect Foods box to create the mouthwatering recipe – all while fighting food waste from her home.


Introducing Anova’s Refurbishment Program

This year, Anova introduced a refurbishment program in the US and Canada to extend the life cycle of our cookers, keeping them out of landfills and providing our customers with longer lasting, more sustainable devices.

The process of refurbishment means that products have been repaired or restored to like-new condition. Through our partner, CoreCentric Solutions, every Anova refurbished product completes a robust process that includes full testing. All parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality of the original device and will be safely mailed to you in a 100% recyclable cardboard box and plastic insert.


9 Ambitious Recipes to Get Lost in This Week

A lot of us are finding ourselves at home more and ready to distance yourself from the seemingly never ending slew of less than great news. We know our #anovafoodnerd family loves to dive head first into some lengthy, labor-intensive meals, and that’s exactly what we’re serving up. Crank up the music, pour a glass of your favorite red, and get to cooking — the best escape we can think of.

As we mentioned last week, everyone’s pantry and fridge look different right now, and you may not have all ingredients for all these dishes. Play, have fun, sub as needed, and omit as necessary. This guide serves as inspiration, not a letter by letter recipe! Away we go.