Sous Vide Chinese Crispy Duck Breast from #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

When done right, roasted Peking duck is a thing of beauty: shiny, golden crispy skin and succulent, wonderfully fatty meat served with an array of thinly sliced vegetables and warm thin pancakes or steamed buns.

I recently endeavored to recreate at home, but the three-day process didn’t yield anything close to the beautiful bird served at my favorite local Chinese restaurant. Overall, it was fine, but certainly not worth three days of my time, especially when I can have it prepared perfectly at the restaurant in just 30 minutes.

The most disappointing part was the duck breast, which was woefully overcooked and chewy. This led me to wonder if the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker could help. My goal: perfectly cooked duck breast with crunchy skin and deep flavor, all in just a few hours.

Even when not cooking a whole duck, getting the duck breast correctly cooked throughout while crisping the skin to a crisp golden brown can be challenging. Of course, sous vide makes it virtually foolproof. (more…)

How #anovafoodnerd Erika Turk Landed Her Dream Job

Not often can you say that you got your dream job from posting your favorite foods on Instagram. This is exactly what happened with Erika Turk, our previously featured food nerd!”

In January, Erika whipped up this plate of vegetarian vittles which grabbed the attention of a test kitchen. They contacted Erika about coming on board to be their sous vide queen and create killer recipes to share far and wide! Check out some of Erika’s favorite dishes below.


Nano Update

Howdy Nano Nerds, We’re excited to tell you that we’ve made significant progress on the Nano and are getting ready for mass production (WooHoo!). So what have we been doing in our secret underground lair? Well . . . (more…)

Winner Winner Valentine’s Dinner!

Ask anyone in the restaurant industry: going out on Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year. This year, switch it up, and cook restaurant-quality meals for a fraction of the price in the comfort of your own home with your Anova Precision Cooker!

Choose the meal of your loved one’s dreams from the options below, and serve a stunner. Whether it’s lobster, steak, both(!), or a flavor-packed vegetarian mushroom entree, you’re sure to enjoy a dinner to remember! As an added bonus, we’ve included make-ahead desserts, dishes that cook at the same temperature, and ensured every dish is super-simple to prepare, so you can focus on that special someone, rather than being stuck in the kitchen all evening.


Sous Vide Short Rib Beef Stroganoff from #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

I grew up on a very simple (and cheap) version of Beef Stroganoff made with ground beef and canned mushroom soup. I still have a nostalgic fondness for that undeniably satisfying budget recipe, though I think when prepared with higher-quality fresh ingredients (crimini mushrooms, rich homemade beef stock, and tender strips of beef tenderloin), Beef Stroganoff is quintessential cold-weather comfort food.

With the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you can take Beef Stroganoff to an entirely new level. For this recipe, we are using well-marbled boneless beef short ribs cooked sous vide for 48 hours with mushrooms, stock, and onions, resulting in perfectly tender meat and an intensely flavored cooking liquid.


On Deckle: Sous Vide Ribeye Cap with #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

I’ll admit, three months ago, I didn’t even know ribeye cap (that thin, beautifully marbled piece of meat at the top of a ribeye) was a distinct cut of beef, let alone that it was called “deckle.” Now, in large part thanks to my local Costco, who gilds the lily by selling it at prime grade, ribeye cap is my favorite “new” cut of steak.

Of course, preparing ribeye cap is simple and foolproof with the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Just a few hours in the sous vide and you have one of the most tender and flavorful bites of beef available. To sear, you could toss on a hot grill for a few minutes, though my favorite finishing move is in a cast-iron skillet basted with butter and herbs.


Sous Vide Sweet and Sour Brisket from #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

Living in Kansas City, I certainly appreciate smoked beef brisket, and the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker offers a great method for delivering that fork-tender BBQ favorite. At the same time, I love the simplicity of braised brisket, especially this variation on the classic Jewish sweet-and-sour brisket. (I also love not having to tend to my smoker in the middle of a sub-zero Midwest January.)

If you can find a point cut brisket, which offers far more marbling, use it. Unfortunately, these cuts are harder to find in most retail locations. Fortunately, with the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, even the leaner flat cut turns out wonderfully moist and tender, and with 48 hours in the bath, you get a deeply flavorful sweet-and-sour gravy that perfectly complements the unctuous brisket.

This brisket is a great centerpiece for entertaining or feeding a crowd on a cold winter’s day. Our favorite sides to accompany are buttered egg noodles and roasted carrots, and the leftovers make for a great brisket sandwich: crusty bread, brisket, sauce, and a layer of melted cheese.


Meet #anovafoodnerd Carey Copeling, Cooking Zero to Sous Vide Cookbook Hero

One fateful day, while browsing Facebook, I caught a post from a client and friend, Chris, who posted: “If you love fish and steak, buy an Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker, it will change your life.” I did, and it did. I purchased my first sous vide machine from Anova in October 2015, and over the past two years, I’ve been cooking up a storm. Throwing dinner parties, once a thing I truly dreaded and never seemed to get right, is now one of my favorite things to do.

In July of this year, two big things happened to me – first, I got married to my lovely wife Mel – and second, I was given the opportunity to write a sous vide cookbook – The Effortless Sous Vide Cookbook. It features over 100 recipes ranging from sauces and marinades to bison tenderloin to salted caramel cheesecake, all made possible with my trusty Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker.