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Spring Loaded – Super Simple & Tasty Recipes for an Easy Easter Feast

Easter is another holiday known for feasting. And with the bounty of spring upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, we have fresh, new ingredients to play with! Asparagus, green peas, mandarins, spring lamb, and more. In honor of both the season and the holiday, Chef Nicole has come up with some brand-spankin’ new and easy recipes to make your feast even more delicious, no matter what time of day.

A Brunch Affair

Brunch is, according to my observation, the new favorite meal of the general population. I know that it is certainly mine… I mean, where else do you have the opportunity to combine yummy cocktails and breakfast foods in a socially acceptable way? It also happens to be a growing Easter tradition, and using your Anova to prepare the following individual serving sized silken treats will make your morning so much smoother. So fix a simple smoked salmon plate, bake a tray of bacon, make your Bloody Mary mix, and throw together a salad while your egg bites are cooking. You will have a memorable brunch for friends and family pulled together in no time flat!