Make some ‘shroom in your kitchen this fall

Make some ‘shroom in your kitchen this fall

Meatless options aplenty, that’s what you’re gonna find here. Mushrooms coming out your ears. Get ready for a flavor party, because we’re showing off some of our fave mushroom forward recipes submitted by our #anovafoodnerd crew! They rule. So do these recipes. Away we go…

Sous Vide King Oyster Mushroom by #anovafoodnerd Jeff Akin

With the Anova Precision® Cooker, we can ensure large mushrooms like the king oyster (or trumpet) are perfectly tender throughout — from the softer cap to the firmer stem—while infusing with mouth-watering garlic and herb flavor. To create textural and flavor contrast, we finish it in brown butter, crisping it to a deep, buttery golden brown, served with fresh herbs, lemon, and cheese. It's the perfect side for an elegant holiday meal or a base vegetarian entree.

Sous Vide Poached Egg with Morel Cream Sauce by #anovafoodnerd Emily Farris

This amazingly rich dish is perfect for the Summer after a beautiful day outside, when you're just craving a great meal. While it may be a little heavy on the cream, it’s naturally gluten free. So, that’s something, right? Plus, the morel cream sauce is really easy to make and poached eggs are a breeze with the Anova.

Sous Vide Pulled "Pork" Sandos by #anovafoodnerd Brandon Splane

Making an effort to keep pork off the fork? This pulled king trumpet mushroom sandwich recipe might just become a staple in the home when you find yourself craving some bbq but want to opt for a healthy meat alternative. When you combine saucy blackened mushrooms with a fresh citrus slaw on a brioche bun great things tend to happen for your tastebuds.

Sous Vide Wild Mushroom Bisque by #anovafoodnerd Emily Farris

There are few things more satisfying than the first spoonful of a rich mushroom soup and this quick and easy recipe for Sous Vide Wild Mushroom Bisque is no exception. Mushrooms are pretty much little flavor sponges and the infusion is only intensified when they’re cooked sous vide!

Sous Vide Porcini Mushroom Risotto by #anovafoodnerd Barbara Freda

Risotto cooked on the stovetop requires constant stirring and attention — that's where sous vide comes in. The end result? Put your feet up (or make a salad and enjoy a glass of wine) while the risotto cooks sous vide. Porcini mushrooms are typically found dried and require reconstituting — pour boiling water over the dried mushrooms, let them soak about 30 minutes, then lift the mushrooms out of the soaking water and strain the soaking water (you’ll get small bits of debris) and use that flavorful water in your cooking with the mushrooms, as we do here.
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