7 Sous Vide Cocktails to Lift Your Spirits

7 Sous Vide Cocktails to Lift Your Spirits


Looking to mix things up? Sous vide is a ridiculously easy way to infuse your favorite spirits with flavor — for a high-end cocktail experience at home.

Try a saucy brunch cocktail (a la bacon infused bloody Mary), or a sweet tiki-inspired infusion — like a pineapple rum. Whatever your taste, we've got you covered with sous vide cocktail infusion recipes that are guaranteed to get the party started.

Sous Vide Bacon Infused Vodka

Sous Vide Spiced Rum

Sous Vide Pineapple Infused Rum

Sous Vide Chili Agave Liqueur

Sous Vide Blackberry Balsamic Shrub

Sous Vide Tomato Shrub

Sous Vide Chili Infused Vodka

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