Anova at Brooklyn Bowl of ‘Zole

Anova at Brooklyn Bowl of ‘Zole


The 4th annual Brooklyn Bowl of 'Zole went down last month, and Anova was there to celebrate the fun. If you've been to Pig Island, you know these folks can throw a party, and this was no exception.
anova at brooklyn bowl of zolePicture this: 20 of NYC's top chefs, cookin' up pozole, a traditional Mexican soup, like there's no tomorrow. And to wash it all down? 40 mezcal makers slinging 120 agave spirits...a tequila lover's dream!

brooklynbowlofzole_mezcalAnova was the only kitchen game in town, and we made sure everyone knew it. We hooked up 150 VIP's with handheld vacuum sealers, in addition to bringing out the Chamber Vacuum sealer for a spin. And, because we're all about balance, we whipped up some fruit and herb-infused water. Gotta stay hydrated while you're sippin' on that mezcal, right?
fruitwaterinfusionAnova isn't just about cooking; it's about making every meal an experience. We love being the life of the party, showing off our kitchen wizardry, and maybe even teaching a thing or two along the way.anova at brooklyn bowl of zole

So, next time you're at a community event, keep an eye out for the Anova crew. Cheers to good food, good drinks, and good times!
chefs at bowl of zole

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