#anovafoodnerd Guide to Sous Vide Lunch Meat

#anovafoodnerd Guide to Sous Vide Lunch Meat


Making lunch at home doesn't have to be a whole production if you do a little prep work ahead of time. One of our favorite weekday hacks is simply batching out lunch meats for crafting deli style sammies (or pita pockets, or salads!) throughout the week. We met up with #anovafoodnerd David Chippi, who we're crowning the King O' Lunch Meat. He's a stand-up dude, and is sharing two of his favorite sous vide preparations for deli-style meats.

It's easy, delicious, and beats the preservative-packed store bought stuff by a long shot. Why not go big and pair it with some homemade bread, sous vide pickles, or both? Jump to the blog below to see all David's favorite sous vide lunch meat recipes!

How to Make Sous Vide Lunch Meat

Sous Vide "Smoked" Turkey 

"Low salt recipe for my favorite turkey lunchmeat. This recipe is as close to store bought smoked turkey without the salt. Don’t worry about measuring seasonings other than the Colgin Liquid Smoke and go lite on sage. But be aggressive on the rest to promote flavor since no salt goes into this recipe" sous vide deli meat turkey

Sous Vide Roast Beef

Like it's turkey counterpart, David introduces a flavor-packed "roast" beef without the addition of salt, and lets the Anova infuse tons of flavor.  
sous vide lunch meat roast beef

Time to cook!

Be sure to check out more recipes at the world's largest sous vide recipes library, and give David a follow over on Instagram @djchippi, and tag your cooks with #anovafoodnerd!
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