Kickstarter Shipping Status

Hello Again Anova Community! First off, we want to thank our community (you!) for the overwhelmingly large amount of positive feedback from those who have already received Precision Cookers. We’re thrilled to see the tweets, Instagrams, posts, and updates chronicling your experience with Sous Vide thus far. Secondly, we know how eager everyone is to receive their units, and we are even more eager to get them out to you. We’ve ramped up our production rate to about 500 Precision Cookers per day, which will effectively expedite our shipping. In addition to this, we’ve provided a chart with our projected shipping schedule based on Kickstarter tier so you can get an idea of when your respective reward will be sent out. This document will also be updated in realtime, so you will always have access to the most current status.
As a reminder, don’t forget to look out for the email prompting you to login and verify your shipping information, as well as the email notifying you when your Precision Cooker has shipped. It is truly humbling to have such excitement and support as we continue to complete fulfillment. We wholeheartedly appreciate your patience throughout the process, and cannot wait to welcome you to the world of Anova Sous Vide. Thanks Again! Team Anova
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