Great Canadian Wilderness Cocktail

Sous Vide Drinks to Warm You Up

Sip, savor, and celebrate cozy season with some seriously tasty drinks. Get your holiday cravings covered, from coffee liqueur to the warmth of mulled wine, plus all the fun stuff in between. 

Grab a seat by the fire and dive into the world of infused holiday spirits, one concoction at a time. Modern connoisseurs think homemade eggnog needs time to age, but the Anova Precision® Cooker busts that myth, only requiring one hour for creamy perfection. Never overcook mulled wine again with exact temperature control.

Leave ingredients unattended for hot spiced cider, or slow cook
 whisky, cocoa nibs, and cedar leaves in a vacuum-sealed bag to make the Great Canadian Wilderness Cocktail

Ready to make taste buds tingle?

8 Drinks to Sous Vide This Holiday Season

1. Eggnogeggnog2. Coffee LiqueurCoffee Liqueur3. Mulled Winemulled wine4. DIY Grand MarnierDIYgrandmarnier5. Honey Ginger Shrubhoneygingershrub6. Hot Spiced Ciderhotspicedcider7. Great Canadian Wilderness Cocktail Great Canadian Wilderness Cocktail8. Gingerbread House Cocktailgingerbreadhousecocktail
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