Make Perfect Sous Vide Seafood at Home — 5 of our favorite #anovafoodnerd recipes

Make Perfect Sous Vide Seafood at Home — 5 of our favorite #anovafoodnerd recipes

By nature, most seafood is extremely easy to dry out, which is why it's a prime candidate for, you guessed it – sous vide cooking. And this might surprise you (it did us!), but people are cooking seafood at home right now more than ever. We've hit up a few #anovafoodnerds to see what kinda seafood they've been cooking at home over the last few weeks and are sharing their recipes below!

Sous Vide Sea Bass with Grilled Zucchini from #anovafooderd @dadfuelbbq

"This light, flavorful, and colorful dish is very easy to put together and a perfect meal for summertime! With only 6 ingredients, from a work to flavor standpoint it's hard to beat!"

Sous Vide Miso Salmon from #anovafoodnerd @a_food_dude

"If you've avoided salmon because it's often too dry and fishy, this is the recipe for you. Cooking salmon sous vide guarantees perfect results every time."

Sous Vide Grilled Octopus from #anovafoodnerd @a_food_dude

"Grilled octopus is surprisingly easy to make. They key is to tenderize it before you grill it. The sous vide method results in extremely succulent and tender octopus. Prepping for sous vide takes just a little while, but it takes five hours in the sous vide bath. The good news is this is all hands-off time and the results are absolutely delicious."

Sous Vide Coconut Shrimp from #anovafoodnerd @jbsousvide

"Add a crispy touch to your plump and juicy sous vide shrimp!"

Sous Vide Bloody Mary Scallops from #anovafoodnerd @a_food_dude

"Scallops - or Fish Marshmallows as my son calls them - are one of my favorite seafoods. Simple, elegant and can truly be paired with almost any type of dish. The beauty of scallops done sous vide is that they plump and juicy and each single scallop you cook is consistently the same. For this particular dish, it was my attempt to take my favorite adult beverage to the next level. Just a perfectly balanced meal with the sweetness and crunch of the caramelized sugars, saltiness of the caviar and tang of the Bloody Mary mixture."
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