Crush your weekend tailgate, sous vide style!

Crush your weekend tailgate, sous vide style!


There's nothing fantasy about this football feast. We've all been to the tailgate party with limp hotdogs, tepid chicken wings, and overcooked hockey pucks called hamburgers. Why celebrate your superb football team with subpar food? Step into the sous vide tailgate world, and watch all your football food follies disappear. With your Anova Precision Cooker, you can prep, cook, and serve your food easier than ever.

We've compiled some of our favorite football approproate recipes below, so you can skip the stress of planning the menu, and focus on the real reason you're getting up at 6am: some good ol' football.

Skip the game day frenzy, and prep your tailgate dishes ahead of time. Instead of scrambling to grill everything to order, just cook your burgers, brats, pulled pork, and more days ahead of time. Toss in a warming tray to serve, or even throw them on a grill to heat them up.

Sous Vide Barbecue Ribs

Everyone loves ribs! Be the star of your area (and bring extras for nearby parking spots!) with these wicked-tasty sous vide ribs from #anovafoodnerd Kenji Lopez-Alt.

Why this recipe works: Being a thinner cut, ribs reheat very easily on a hot grill or pan. Cook the ribs a couple days before the big day, toss them in the fridge, then on game day all that's left is to baste with some bbq sauce and crisp them up to serve!

Sous Vide Sausage

Much in the same vein as the ribs, it's not a proper football festivity without some snappy, tender sausages! Another make-ahead winner, cook 'em perfectly a day or two before, and then come time to eat, warm them up in a hot pan or on the grill, slather in mustard and onions, give your neighbor a high five, and chow down!

Sous Vide Smoked Chuck Roast

This recipe is a winner. Pile soft buns high with super-tender beef, or turn it into tacos, or just eat it with a fork right out of a bowl. The options are as limitless as the flavor is delicious. While the beef cooks overnight, you're dreaming of touchdowns and interceptions. Wake up, take it out, throw it in the cooler and head to the stadium!

Sous Vide Bacon Infused Vodka

Alright, now we're getting to the goooood stuff. Nothing like talking X's and O's with a wicked-tasty cocktail. Another make-ahead treat, this bacon infused vodka will set the mood for a good time all day.

Sous Vide Burgers

And finally, what would a tailgate be without some juicy burgers? Think the best burger you've ever had then take it up a notch. Or three. A quick cook, these can be cooked at the tailgate if you have access to power, or like all the other dishes can be made ahead and then fired to order!

Time to Eat!

Get ready to chow down on a finger-licking football feast, nerds. Take tailgating to a new level. Check out more recipes on our recipes site, and be sure to tag your cooks with #anovafoodnerd!M

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