These 3 #anovafoodnerd Moms are Doing Mother's Day at Home!

These 3 #anovafoodnerd Moms are Doing Mother's Day at Home!


Admittedly, we all miss going to out favorite restaurants, especially for big occasions like Mother's Day. But things are a bit different now, and a lot of us are having to change up the traditions and cook at home. So let's make this the best Mother's Day meal it can be, and celebrate what deserves celebrating with some restaurant-level dishes made simple!

We've rounded up a few #anovafoodnerd Moms who are celebrating in style, eating (and cooking!) delicious food and spending that special day with the fam. See how they are planning to celebrate their special Sunday. Meet 'em!

#anovafoodnerd Michelle Darby Silverberg

Michelle and her family in Belize!

"So for me, Mothers Day is not about the flowers or the gifts. They are a bonus, but for me, it's about the responsibility or therefore lack of. I get 1 day a I don't want to cook, clean, pick up the house or tell people what to do. I don't necessary want to be waited on, but I just want a break from responsibility."

"My hubs is a GREAT cook and luckily does a lot of meals for our family. Since we got our Anova, it has made meals not only better but easier. I will assume he will drop some tri-tip steak (pictured below!) in since that is one of my faves. Nice baked potato (which I never have because Im a low carber) and some grilled veggies. Due to COVID my step kids will be here (2 of the 4 anyway). They are usually out and about but eat all the meals at home now. Netflix, maybe some sun and a good steak will be my "happy thoughts" on Mothers Day this year!"

#anovafoodnerd Holly Brenzel Swett

"Normally we do go out to eat on Mothers's Day but this year that's not an option. We live in the country so any take out gets cold by the time we get home. Kid's are grown and gone so it's just the two of us. Husband really doesn't cook so using the Anova will help make a nice and easy dinner."

I have a tenderloin steak in freezer from the 1/4 grass fed cow we bought. So planning on scallops and the steak for a easy surf and turf. Every time I do scallops I say "WOW". Just love them done in the Anova. Something else I won't order in restaurants anymore. At this point don't know about the sides and we will be having a bottle of wine. One thing I know I can count on is that my husband will be doing the dishes afterwards while I finish that bottle of wine."

Holly says she cooks her beef tenderloin at 130°F / 54°C for 1 hour, and then gives it a quick pan sear. Can't imagine anything more simple and delicious that! You can find our beef tenderloin recipe here!

#anovafoodnerd Charmaine

"Anytime there is less cooking and cleaning on any given day is cause for celebration. But as we plan on staying home this Mother's Day, there is no rest for the weary! For me, Mother's Day this year will consist of plenty of FaceTiming, throwing something from my freezer into the sous vide bath, fancily plating said sous vide freezer item to make myself feel like we're dining at a restaurant, and consuming celebratory beverages for making the best of the situation."

"Show the women in your life some appreciation by cooking a meal, doing the laundry, or simply helping turn on the sous vide - we will appreciate the gesture. Happy Superwomen's Day!"

Few people recreate restaurant quality meals at home as well as Charmaine does. If you need a show-stopping recipe to truly turn your kitchen into a Michelin-star restaurant, here are a few of our favorite recipes from Charmaine. Heck, you can build your whole menu! And don't fear: they look perfect and super high-end, and maybe even a bit intimidating, but they all use very few ingredients, and ones that are fairly easy to find to boot.

Sous Vide Halibut in Lemon Buerre Blanc

Sous Vide Korean BBQ Ribs

Sous Vide Crispy Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction

Sous Vide Earl Grey Creme Brulee

Make Memories with Mom

We hope you find some inspiration from our Mom's above! You can always find more recipes at the Anova Recipes site, as well as the Anova App. Tag your cooks with #anovafoodnerd to share your sous vide love with the world. And to all the Moms — THANK YOU!
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