Anova Planning Tricks 'n' Treats for Wicked Good Halloween Recipes

Anova Planning Tricks 'n' Treats for Wicked Good Halloween Recipes

Food nerds, All Hallow's Eve is nearly upon us! These magical Anova tricks 'n' treats make it super simple to serve up a wicked good menu of Halloween recipes. No witchcraft or wizardry required, just a bubbling cauldron of precisely heated water and your Anova wand. We've got the tricks AND the treats covered this year with sous vide tips and recipes for plates of pumpkin-y goodness and sugary sweets and treats. Just don't forget to pick up a bag of candy, because you might just end up keeping these treats for yourself.

Spooky Spirits: Sous Vide Hot Spiced Cider

Nothing warms you up on a cold Hallow's Eve like a big ole' mug of hot spiced cider. Whether you're getting in the Halloween spirit with a splash of hard cider or you prefer a more family-friendly version, this Halloween recipe will have you ready to get your scare on with a little extra spice. Sous vide is a great technique for hot spiced cider, as it allows you to get creative with extra spice infusions, while keeping the cider warm until your guests arrive. It's also great if you're planning to brew up a cauldron of hard cider, because the alcohol is sealed in and maintained at a precise temperature to keep you from cooking out the alcohol.
Planning Tricks for the Treats:
  • Pick up some extra spices to infuse the cider with your favorite fall flavors–you can't go wrong with cinnamon sticks.
  • Instead of choosing between regular cider and hard cider, just fill up a bag of each and toss both of them into the bath, so everyone can enjoy this spiced delight
  • Don’t stress timing. If your guests arrive later than expected, just drop your Anova a few degrees to keep the cider warm and toasty.

Wickedly Mouth-Watering: The Great Pumpkin Bread

Celebrating Halloween without a proper dose of pumpkin would be, well, frightening. This year, dress your pumpkin bread up in mason jars and toss 'em in the water bath to create individual containers of flavor-packed pumpkin bread. Sealing these lovely little loaves in jars keeps the moisture locked in, so you don't have to worry about a dried out disaster. Unlike the ooey gooey aftermath from carving the perfect jack-o-lantern, carving out your pumpkin bread from a jar is mess-free, so everybody wins.
Planning Tricks for the Treats:
  • "Bake" your pumpkin bread 1 day ahead and seal them back up overnight. One less thing to worry about the day of!
  • Pick up some miniature canning jars from Target to spread the mixture out, so everyone gets their own "loaf" of pumpkin bread.
  • Remove the cap and run a knife around the edges of the jar before putting them out, so it's easier to carve out pieces of pumpkin perfection.

Bewitchingly Buttery: Sous Vide Persimmon Butter

Slather a lil bit o butter onto your pumpkin bread to add some extra sweet fall flavor with this smooth n creamy persimmon butter. Pop these onto a cheese plate to give your hungry haunters an extra snack.
Planning Tricks for the Treats:
  • This is another great one to prep a day or two ahead, so you can spend more time crafting the perfect costume.
  • Add a bit of apple juice, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice and a dash of salt to complement the fruit's flavor.
  • This Halloween recipe also makes a ghoulishly good gift item! Make a double batch for the neighbors, and they might not mind all of the BOO's and howls from your ghostly guests.

Screamingly Scrumptious: Sous Vide Bratwurst in Pumpkin Ale

Did you think we were done with the pumpkin recipes? Au contraire, my fellow food nerds. This versatile plate of pork perfection is simmered in a patch of pumpkin ale, producing a full-bodied batch of extra-juicy bratwurst.
Planning Tricks for the Treats:
  • Add your onions and peppers to the bag to cook with the brats and you'll have timing to worry about, while packing in more of a pumpkin-y flavor.
  • You have enough to worry about during the party, so keep the oven lukewarm, so that when you sear the sausage, you can just toss in a batch of rolls, so they're ready to rock.

Terrifyingly Tempting: Sous Vide Tempered Chocolate

Tempered chocolate is an awesome addition to the Halloween menu because it can top off ANYTHING. Yes, food nerds, chocolate goes with literally everything. Drizzle over your pumpkin bread, pour it over a plate of pretzels, or serve over strawberries.
Planning Tricks for the Treats:
  • If guests are dipping food in fondue-style, keep a few jars in the water at the holding temp, so you can switch 'em out with a fresh batch as needed.
  • Bigger group? Use bags to make clean-up super quick and easy.
  • Give your guests the option to dip or drizzle by plating the pumpkin bread nearby along with a platter of dippable treats.
Celebrate a scary awesome Halloween evening while pulling off every sneaky detail with ease. These Anova Tips 'n' Tricks will ensure a night of scary story-telling that doesn't involve any of your cooking nightmares. Find all of these Halloween menu items in the Anova Culinary app, available for iOS and Android.

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