#anovafoodnerd Gavin Edward gets cooking with sous vide beef short ribs

#anovafoodnerd Gavin Edward gets cooking with sous vide beef short ribs

Gavin Edward from BC, Canada pairs rock star sous vide skills with top-notch photography chops and has kicked off his own blog to share the recipe details for the drool-worthy posts he shares on Instagram. Food nerd fam, get to know one of our favorite food nerds and learn how to cook his uber delicious and super simple sous vide beef short ribs.

Meet Gavin. He loves to nerd out with Anova.

Gavin grew up on a 350-head Black Angus cattle ranch in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Ranch life taught him to appreciate food and where it came from at an early age, while his parents instilled in him a respect for ingredients and the importance of slow-cooked food. He had the advantage of seeing the full process around where his food came from and the result of all of his parents' hard work. Needless to say, he had a deep appreciation for beef from day one and won't say no to a pile of sous vide beef short ribs. Gavin's roots lead him to discovering a passion for cooking and experimentation in the kitchen. He first learned about sous vide from one of his favorite podcasts about modern cuisine. About a year and a half ago, he decided he couldn't resist the urge to experiment with sous vide any longer, so he went headfirst into the world of precision cooking and purchased an Anova. Since then, he has taken his cooking game next level with the sous vide cooking technique and convinced countless friends and family to do the same. Gavin credits sous vide cooking in helping him become a better cook, and more importantly understanding meat and proteins and how they react to the precise low temperatures. He is now an avid #anovafoodnerd and utilizes the precise temperature control his Anova provides him to experiment with different proteins and establish ideal times and temperatures for them. His ability to experiment and learn with Anova is, for him, the reason his Precision Cooker shines more than any other kitchen tool he has.

"There's no better way to cook"

When it comes to using his Anova, Gavin says there’s “no better way to cook.” He particularly enjoys using Anova on less expensive cuts of meat that are typically tough, chewy, and difficult to cook to tenderness. With his Anova, he gets steakhouse quality results with affordable cuts and is able to feed a large party. “I can get a $20 chuck roast and feed 10 people, compared to buying $100 worth of ribeye steaks,” Gavin explained, noting the economic advantage of cooking tougher cuts with his Anova. Economic and delicious? Now we are talking!

It's a family affair

Gavin is also the father of an #anovafoodnerdling (aka, a baby #anovafoodnerd). He says that his son loves to turn the Precision Cooker on and hear it beep! Cooking is a family affair for Gavin, his wife, and his son. Often, all three of them can be found spending time in the kitchen together putting together a meal. In fact, he and his wife prepare baby food using their blender, and then cook it with their Anova at 129.2°F / 54 °C to get it just warm enough to eat. When the food is ready and Anova beeps, his little #anovafoodnerdling know’s it’s time to eat!

Super Simple Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs by @gavinedwardcooks

If Gavin were faced with the quite unsettling thought of only being able to cook sous vide one more time, he told us he would do beef short ribs. And as the awesome #anovafoodnerd he is, Gavin agreed to share this recipe with the entire #anovafoodnerd family. Here's the rundown on these rockin' ribs. These short ribs are a perfect make-ahead dish for a large dinner party, and are flexible on time and temp depending on the result you are seeking! Gavin likes his sous vide beef short ribs cooked 48 hours at 131°F / 55°C, but this food nerd loves to experiment and did lots and lots of testing for these sous vide beef short ribs. So, he decided to include his top three time & temp recommendations for sous vide short ribs to let the food nerd fam choose themselves. Whether you want tender and juicy like a steak or a traditional braised texture, this recipe has it all. You can cook them up to 4 days in advance, and simply place in the oven and reheat while getting them nice and crisp right before serving. Easy, perfectly cooked, and delicious. Aside from his Anova, Gavin's favorite tool in the kitchen is his Canon 70D camera. He's got vast knowledge of photography and a passion for playing with plating, and he's more than happy to share it with his social media following. Fellow food nerd followers of Gavin will agree, he's got a knack for making us seriously hungry. You can nerd out with Gavin on Instagram at @gavinedwardcooks and follow along with his sous vide experiments on his blog at gavinedward.com. He's also a food nerd Hall of Famer, so be sure to catch up with his latest #anovafoodnerd features. Gavin rocked these short ribs with Anova, and so can you. Check out the Anova Recipes site for Gavin's full recipe for super simple sous vide beef short ribs.
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