sous vide sweet potato fries

Fantasy Football Draft Party Menu, Sous Vide Style

The NFL season kicks off in just a few weeks, which means fantasy football fans across the country are preparing for the biggest event of the year: the draft. This can be pretty serious business for some, though we see it as just another opportunity to indulge in some seriously real food and drink (which probably explains why we’re always at the bottom of our fantasy league). And this year we’re preparing our entire menu with the Anova Precision Cooker, creating the perfect lineup for a simple and stress-free fantasy football draft party.

Stud Running Back: Barbecue Ribs

There’s a saying in fantasy, “Always start your studs.” So we’re starting with our sous vide stud, the Le’Veon Bell of meats: sticky, fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs. After 12 hours with the Anova, your baby back ribs will be tender, flavorful, and ready for some sauce. And they’ll rack up serious points every time you serve them.
Planning Tips:
  • Sous vide your ribs 1-2 days ahead, refrigerating in the bag.
  • 1 hour before serving, slather with sauce and finish in the oven or on the grill.
  • Don’t stress timing. If your guests aren’t ready to eat when the ribs are done, just wrap them in foil and hold in a warm oven. Ribs are resilient like that.
Sous Vide Smoky BBQ Baby Back Ribs

RB Handcuff: Jerk Chicken Wings

Ribs are a high-performing meat, but accidents (and sneaky dogs and drunk friends) happen, and if they do, you’re going to want a “handcuff” pick to back it up. And this year, that pick is Jerk Chicken Wings (a DeAngelo Williams to your porky Le’Veon Bell). If your star meat goes down, these wings will be there to pick up the slack. And even if your pork doesn’t go down, you’ll have two meats. So everyone wins.
Planning Tips:
  • Sous vide your wings 1 day ahead, refrigerating in the bag.
  • 30 minutes before serving, finish in the oven or on the grill.
  • Again, don’t stress timing on the wings. If your guests aren’t ready to eat when the wings come off the grill, just wrap them in foil and hold in a warm oven. They won’t be quite as crispy, but they will be just as succulent. And if you want to revive that crispy skin, just uncover and place under the broiler for a few minutes.
sous vide chicken wings

Stud Wide Receiver: Sweet Potato Fries

Every offense needs a go-to receiver, and every meat needs a starchy side. This year, that receiver is Antonio Brown (man, the Steelers are loaded), and that side is crispy sweet potato fries. Cooking the potatoes sous vide first ensures the potatoes are perfectly tender, and deep frying adds that satisfying crunch that makes them fries.
Planning Tips:
  • Dealing with a deep fryer in the middle of a booze-fueled draft party probably isn’t your best strategy as an owner or host. But fear not, these crispy sweet potatoes will hold their crisp for awhile if you place evenly on a baking sheet and hold in a 175-degree oven.
  • People are going to want to dip these in something, and if you have Sriracha and mayo, you have the perfect condiment just a few whisks away.

Flier: Chili-Agave Margaritas

It’s football, so you’re probably thinking beer. Because, you know, football and beer. But if you’re feeling like a bit of a gamble, a make-your-own margarita bar featuring Chili-Agave Liqueur has major upside: loose, lubricated guests (and a serious competitive advantage if you yourself abstain). Of course, drinking tequila for three to fours straight can have its downside, too, so maybe just be careful with this one.
Planning Tips:
  • The liqueur will last for several months, so make a double batch well in advance of the party.
  • You have enough to worry about during the draft, so don’t worry about playing bartender, too. Just stock your bar with the liqueur, good tequila (but not too good), fresh limes, ice, and salt. And remember 3:2:1. Three parts tequila: two parts chili-agave liqueur: one part lime.
sous vide chili-agave-liqueur

Sleeper Side: Sweet Corn Gelato

Sous vide gelato? With corn? No one’s going to see this pick coming. Plus, it’s made with four whole ears of corn, so it’s practically a vegetable, too.
Planning Tips:
  • This gelato will hold in the freezer for at least a week (assuming you don’t start eating it), so make several days before the event.
  • Serve with fresh berries and/or whipped cream.
sous vide sweet-corn-gelato
Kick off the fantasy season with a winning team and a winning menu that will impress everyone in your league. These draft party recipes work perfectly for game day, too! Check them out in the Anova Culinary app, available on iTunes and Google Play.
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