Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

National Snack Food Month

Ready to celebrate National Snack Month? February is all about bites in between meals, and calories don’t count when you save money at home. When cravings hit, reach for delicious munchies from the Anova Precision™ Oven. Whip up roasted tomatillo salsa with fresh ingredients in under 30 minutes, or grub on chewy malted brownies that taste better than a local bakery.

Oven Snacks to Satisfy Cravings

1. Steam-Baked Classic Chocolate Chip CookiesClassic Chocolate Chip Cookies2. Oven Boiled PeanutsOven Boiled Peanuts3. Steam-Baked Chewy Granola BarsSteam-Baked Oven Granola Bars4. Kimchi Beef JerkyKimchi Beef Jerky5. Roasted Tomatillo SalsaRoasted Tomatillo Salsa6. Air-Fried TostonesAir-Fried Tostones7. Steam-Baked Chewy Malted BrowniesSteam-Baked Chewy Malted Brownies

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I made the roasted tomatillo salsa. It turned out great! I think I’ll add more jalapeños next time to give it more of a kick. Thanks for the recipe.

Carol Lemieux

I’ve got several of these recipes waiting try. THANKS!

Yeah, some complain that they’re not for sous vide…but there’s no shortage of sous vide recipes. My Precision Cooker & Precision Cooker Pro are quite happy. LOL

I’m loving the new stuff for the oven. Finding new ways to use it is great!


I don’t have this oven and don’t need another oven. How about some recipes for the sous vide?

Lorraine Voytko

I agree with Carsten’s comment. 95% of the emails, offers and recipes I get are for their oven, not for my sous vide. They really push that oven.


Nothing for my sous-vide device


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