More than 3.14 Recipes for Pi Day

More than 3.14 Recipes for Pi Day

Science and math go together like precision cooking and food. While the true value of pi can never be calculated, results from the Anova Precision™ Oven remain constant. Typical oven inconsistencies affect chemical reactions, but our exact temperature control eliminates room for error.

How about a hearty chicken pot pie? Cook the protein low and slow in sous vide mode, then prep homemade or store-bought dough. A simple convection bake setting for the final pie quickly creates a crisp crust. The oven’s fan — plus top and bottom heating elements —simultaneously warm the filling as the crust cooks, so you don't have to worry about the inside coming out cold when the crust is ready.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of ice cream sandwich pie. The chocolate hard shell is like magic, making use of coconut oil’s relatively high freezing temperature to solidify on impact. No speciality ingredients required; just chocolate and coconut oil. Using a higher proportion of sugar to flour than typical increases the chewiness of the cookie crust. And baking the crust with steam further increases  chewiness, even when frozen.

Savory and Sweet Pies to Celebrate Pi Day

1. Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie2. Key Lime PieKey Lime Pie3. Steam-Baked Lemon Meringue Pie BarsSteam-Baked Lemon Meringue Bars4. Steam-Baked Apple Hand PiesSteam-Baked Apple Hand Pies5. Steam-Baked Pumpkin Pie with Nilla Wafer CrustSteam-Baked Pumpkin Pie with Nilla Wafer Crust6. Steam-Baked Creamy Mushroom Pot PiesSteam-Baked Creamy Mushroom Pot Pies7. Steam-Baked Molasses and Maple Pecan PieSteam-Baked Molasses and Maple Pecan Pie8. Ice Cream Sandwich PieIce Cream Sandwich Pie9. Easy Sweet Potato PieEasy Sweet Potato Pie10. Steam-Baked Kabocha Squash PieSteam-Baked Kabocha Squash Pie

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