Anova Oven Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches Game Day

10 Oven Fresh Tailgate Foods


Fall sports are back and snacks win big cheers. Plan your next tailgate menu with the Anova Precision™ Oven. It's up for any job, from dehydrating snack-sized jerky to cooking mouthwatering pulled pork, sous vide smoked brisket, cheese-filled burgers, and crowd-pleasing desserts. 

 stress-free favorites outside and be ready to cheer on your team. Sous vide results in similar flavors to hours in the smoker. Save time and cook ahead, then pack to throw on the grill day-of. Serve alongside air-fried potato chips that combine the texture of thin potato chips with richer kettle chips, all without using a pot of oil. Bake cookies with a bit of steam in the Anova Precision™ Oven for consistent chewiness. The below recipes are no-brainers for game day. Touchdown, taste! 

10 Recipes to Win Game Day

1. Shredded Buffalo Chicken

2. Smoky Turkey Jerky

Anova Oven Dehydrated Turkey Jerky
3. Potato Chips 
Anova Oven Potato Chips
4. Lightened Up Artichoke Dip  
Anova Oven Lightened Up Artichoke Dip
5. Brisket
Anova Oven Brisket
6. Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Anova Oven Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. Pulled Pork
Anova Oven Pulled Pork
8. Ribs 
Anova Oven Ribs
9. Juicy Lucille Burgers
Anova Oven Juicy Lucy Burgers
10. Crispy Chicken Wings
Anova Oven Crispy Chicken Wings
Fall for something delicious to make with the Anova Precision™ Oven. 
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These recipes look delicious! Can’t wait to start cooking.


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