Take Dad from Cooking Dud to Sous Vide Stud

Take Dad from Cooking Dud to Sous Vide Stud

As a new dad who loves food and cooking, it was difficult to get good food on the table every night after my son Jett was born. I received my first Anova Precision Cooker about four years ago as a gift and it's safe to say it's the best gift I've ever been given, you know, besides that sweet baby and my lovely wife Selena. There are also tons of fun things I can do with this cool new kitchen tool, beyond traditional meals you might expect. Grab that same gift for dad, and let him in on the secrets of sous vide. Extra credit: it's on sale! Boom.. Extra credit: it's on sale! Boom.

Why Cook Sous Vide?

As a Dad, I always believed I was the master of the grill, smoker, the oven, my skillet, etc. The reality? My ego was a bit stronger than my kitchen skills. While I was cranking out solid food, it was my Anova that helped bring my cooking to the next level . I went from pretty good, decent, and acceptable meals to some dang delicious dishes (if I do say so myself). Want that steak perfectly medium-rare? It's easier than ever. Making yogurt for the kids to eat before school? You can do that too. Brew beer? What? That's a thing?! It is! Check out some of my favorite ways that using Anova will take you from cooking dud to sous vide stud.

I Can Do What?!

Make-Ahead Sous Vide Meals

Make-ahead meals are easier than ever. Want to take over dinner for the week? Throw a bunch of food in a bag, set the temp, and walk away. You'll be eating top-notch food night after night with minimal effort. Use that saved time to play with your kids, watch a movie with your partner, or sneak away and play video games while you're pretending to prep that presentation for work. You've earned it.

Creamy Sous Vide Yogurt

Jett was developing a serious yogurt addiction. I knew there had to be an easier way than trekking to the store to spend more money on what is essentially milk. The solution? Sous vide yogurt. I enlisted some help from our killer #anovafoodnerd family, and my friend Justin had just what I needed. A recipe for silky, smooth, and CHEAP yogurt. We're talking a gallon of yogurt for no more than a few dollars.

Wicked-Simple Suds

Every Dad eventually dabbles in homebrewing his own beer. Get ahead of the curve, and be the envy of your block. If you're going to make your friends try your backyard brewskis, it might as well taste good. The key to proper fermentation and wicked-tasty suds? Temperature control, of course! Fire up that Anova, and sip on your succulent, hoppy successes.


The Perfect Steak

This wouldn't be a guide to what dad can do with Anova without steak, so here's how he can make LITERALLY the best steak his mouth has ever had the pleasure of consuming.
  1. Get a steak
  2. Put some salt on it
  3. Place it in a ziplock bag
  4. Drop it in the water bath.
  5. Remove it from the water bath.
  6. Sear that sucker.
  7. That's it.
  8. I know, you thought it would be harder.
  9. Eat the steak.

Popping (Baby) Bottles

All your new dad friends blew like $50 on a bottle warmer when they had a new baby. What a racket. Your baby may only be a few weeks old, but even they are down with some precision. Serve that love bug the perfect temp milk at all hours of the day, and night (ughhhhh). What's that? You can just shake a few drops on your wrist to check the temp of the milk? Good choice, now your arms smell like stale formula. Good luck explaining that one on the driving range the next morning. This one is so easy, there's not even a link. Just set that bad boy to 98.6°F / 37°C and drop that bottle in while you change their diaper. It'll be perfect when you're ready.

Killer Food. Seriously. The Best Food

Obviously, this list would be remiss if it didn't mention all the super-simple meals that can be prepared with ease. From juicy fried chicken, to pork that isn't as dry as the desert, and chicken breast that actually tastes good, the possibilities are endless. If you can cook it, you can cook it better with Anova. Check out some of my favorite recipes here! From a backyard bonanza where Dad needs to wow a crowd, to an intimate date night in, there's a dish and recipe for him to shine bright.

Get Dad and Anova

At the end of the day, dad just wants to feel good about his work. Help him be as good as he already thinks he is. Get him an Anova.
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