Important: Oven Connectivity Update

Anova is transitioning to a newer, faster infrastructure

Turkey in Anova Precision Oven

Keep your Anova Oven Connected

Anova is updating our cloud which brings improved connectivity.

There are two updates that need to happen for this to work: the first is the app on your mobile device, and the second is the firmware on the Oven itself. This may require some action from you.

Make sure you have the Anova Oven App downloaded on your mobile device and connected to your Oven. If you have blocked automatic app updates on your mobile device, you’ll need to manually update your app from the app store.

To update your firmware, simply leave your Anova Precision™ Oven plugged in and connected to WiFi — that's literally it. If your oven has already been connected to the Oven App and is plugged in and on WiFi, it will automatically update.

The Details of this Update

  • Why

    Please note that this is a mandatory firmware update. Beyond Aug 16, 2023, you will not be able to remotely monitor, control or receive future firmware updates to your oven if this update isn’t performed.

    This mandatory update is needed as the original cloud infrastructure is being shut down. While we needed to make this move to ensure everyone’s devices stayed connected, we were able to take advantage of a newer, faster infrastructure. This will allow quicker communication between the app and oven so that cook settings made on the app will appear nearly instantaneously on the oven, and vice versa.

  • When

    On July 5th, we will start pushing the firmware update to the Ovens that are connected. It is very important to update your app to version 1.1.0 or higher so that after the Oven is updated, you are able to still control it. If you don’t have the latest app version, you'll lose connection with your oven from your mobile device. Don’t worry - this can be resolved easily by updating your app!

    Between July 5th and July 12th, make sure to leave your Anova Precision™ Oven plugged and connected to WiFi and it’ll get the firmware update automatically. If you are not able to leave the oven plugged in overnight, you’ll need to manually update your oven through the app.