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Healthy sous vide recipes with #anovafoodnerd Jen Stone

Where to even begin with Jen Stone. If there was a queen of sous vide, she would definitely be in the running. Hailing from Toronto, Jen has whipped up countless healthy sous vide recipes since becoming an #anovafoodnerd more than two years ago. Get to know Jen Stone, consummate #anovafoodnerd and learn a few of her healthy sous vide recipes.

Meet #anovafoodnerd Jen Stone

Being an admitted kitchen gadget junkie, her uncle told her about the magic of sous vide around three years ago. Jen immediately added an Anova to her wish list, and forced ever-so-gently nudged her mother to make the purchase for her as her gift. From then on, Jen has been a wizard in the kitchen. Now, Jen has one of her many Anova's running constantly. All day, all night, everyday- for months- with something delicious in the works below that constant warm-water bath. Recently, Jen was diagnosed with diabetes and celiac disease. While exploring alternatives to her favorite dishes, she realized that there was a massive void in healthy, low-carb, gluten-free options on restaurant menus and for the home cook. She has since made it her mission to create and share healthy sous vide recipes that with other's who may be living a similar lifestyle.
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Cooking Sous Vide with Jen Stone

Jen recently shared a fantastic lemon cheesecake recipe that fits the bill on both, as well as a flourless chocolate cake recipe she shares at the end of the post! She credits the flexibility and precision of sous vide for literally changing, and saving, her life. It's allowed her to eat nutritious, healthy food, and still enjoy, and excel, at her biggest passion.
sous vide lemon cheesecake
Living in a metropolis, Jen swears they rarely eat out. Even with all the amazing options nearby, she prefers cooking up her own versions of restaurant dishes and gets even better results than what she'd order in a high-end steakhouse.

"Why spend $200 at a steakhouse when I can cook them better at home for $20?"

Jen definitely loves her red meat, but Anova has enabled her to come up with many different and unique recipes. Her specialty? Healthy sous vide recipes.
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Batch Cooking with Jen Stone

Jen shared the experience of cooking with her Mother growing up, but sous vide took her meals to the next level. A fan of batch cooking, Jen keeps her nearly 75 cubic feet of fridge and freezer space stocked with soon-to-be delicious meals. She can easily prep and cook her food with Anova, then store it in the fridge or freezer for later. When she's ready to serve it, she has a perfectly-cooked meal ready to go in minutes by just tossing it back in the water bath to reheat at the same temperature. Her husband is effectively banned from the kitchen, and Jen says he's only allowed to warm up his sous vide egg bites, which Jen herself helped create!
sous vide egg bites
Jen can often be found whipping up some of her favorites. Whether it's 72-hour short ribs cooked at 135°F / 57.2°C, chuck roast cooked the same time and temp, or chicken breast cooked for 90 minutes at 145°F / 62.7°C for a super-juicy result. She credits our foodie friend J. Kenji López-Alt as one of her culinary inspirations, along with the folks over at Cooks Illustrated.
sous vide chuck roast

Have your cake and eat it too

After her celiac diagnose, and more so after post-diabetic diagnosis, Jen found herself left out of many a group desserts. Whether a birthday celebration, wedding, or a dinner party at a friends, Jen often missed out on the cake. She loves cake, and really, who doesn't? She credits the Anova almost exclusively for helping her create this can't-miss dessert she's sharing with everyone today. The precision allows for each ingredient to be cooked just right to ensure a moist and fudgey result, with no risk of drying out like cake does in an oven. Her rich, moist, fudgey flourless chocolate cake recipe is to die for, and to make it even better, is low carb (for cake!), gluten free (but no sacrifice of flavor!), and perfectly portioned for those who may or may not lack self control (editors note: me).
flourless sous vide chocolate cake
You can find follow Jen's constant sous vide chronicles on Instagram @ketobabe. Nerds, time for cake! Give Jen's flourless chocolate cake a spin, available on the Anova Recipes Site, and on the Anova Culinary App.
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