Get to know the latest #anovafoodnerd, Nick Roush

Get to know the latest #anovafoodnerd, Nick Roush

Nick Roush is an #anovafoodnerd who resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Nick quickly became one of our most prominent food nerds after he joined the fam and started serving up such delicious sous vide eats that he started his own sous vide burger biz. Learn about this epic food nerd's story and discover his top secret recipe for sous vide burgers. Meet Nick. He's a huge #anovafoodnerd An admitted food lover, Nick says he's, “always been into EATING food,” but primarily from the efforts of others. Nick grew up with his Dad as a culinary influence. He recalls poring through countless Bobby Flay cookbooks, but didn't do too much of the cooking. Shortly after college, Nick found himself eating out way too much. It was expensive, unhealthy, and unsatisfying. He made a point of beginning to learn to do some basic cooking, but little did he know that a special someone had a gift for him in the near future that would rock his culinary world.

Cooking Sous Vide with Nick Roush

It all started on Valentines Day of 2016, in what would be a fateful day in Nick’s sous vide journey. His girlfriend hit up a Serious Eats Gift Guide and decided the Anova would be the perfect gift to show her love (shouldn’t we all be this lucky?!) Once he started experimenting with his Anova, he soon realized the device was going to open a ton of doors for him with the food he was able to crank out. Paired alongside his girlfriend and their two dogs, Shangi and Lady, he enjoys attending TCU football tailgates and delivering great eats to the crowds there as well. He loves to invite friends over to chow down on a 24-hour sous vide brisket or pork shoulder, or anything else he's experimenting with using Anova. When he's in the kitchen, you will often hear My Morning Jacket blaring, and an IPA brewsky in his hand. He even has love for the veggies! One of Nick’s favorite pasta sauces is butternut squash cooked with rosemary at 184°F for an hour, and then pureed with some butter. Herby, delicious, and healthy. He also gets pretty creative, using his Anova for such cooks as salad, egg bites, and octopus!

Nick Loves Numbers

When he’s not cranking out Texas’ finest sous vide eats, Nick works as a data analyst for a railroad company. He says he enjoys the day to day challenge, and feels it has actually helped him become a better cook as well. Taking numbers and applying them to a real-life situation based on a desired result. Sounds a lot like sous vide!

“Time flexibility helps a ton”

Nick loves the flexibility the cooking time provides. Someone running late to dinner? No worries, that steak will be just fine cooking for another hour!

Sous Vide Burgers with Nick Roush

Nick’s favorite dish is a juicy sous vide burger loaded with American cheese, onions, and a fluffy bun. His burger game is so strong, he started up a sous vide burger catering company. At “Far Out Burger”, he’s serving up award winning burgers at places and events like the Fort Worth Food & Wine Fest (2nd place y’all!).

“Burger Time!”

You can follow along with Nick’s sous vide tales at and follow him on Instagram at @roushhousefood. For now, Nick is sharing his absolute favorite burger recipe with the entire #anovafoodnerd family! Take this recipe, wow your friends, and family and you could be the next nerd we feature! Nick loves sous vide burgers for the ability to get that perfect doneness through and through with little effort. For his catering business this means cooking dozens in one batch and simply searing to serve! At home, you get the same advantages, whether it's a simple lunch or a full-blown shindig with the whole neighborhood. No one wants to stand over the grill all day, so get out there and enjoy your company. Check out Nick's Sous Vide Cheesy Bacon Groovy Burger recipe, available on the Anova Recipes Site and in the Anova Culinary App and share your version with the entire #anovafoodnerd family!

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