Meet #anovafoodnerd Reuel Evans and learn his recipe for perfect sous vide corn on the cob

Meet #anovafoodnerd Reuel Evans and learn his recipe for perfect sous vide corn on the cob

Ladies and gentleman, we'd like to introduce you to sous vide master Reuel Evans. Reuel calls San Francisco home and is no stranger to dishing up world-class meals with his Anova. Get his recipe for some wicked delicious sous vide corn on the cob slathered in honey miso butter and learn how Anova took his game to the next level in the kitchen.

Meet #anovafoodnerd Reuel Evans

Reuel loves nothing more than to prepare meals for his family and friends. He's a self-proclaimed gadget junkie and is always looking to discover new technology. Reuel was familiar with sous vide but didn't want to pay the price tag for the bulky and inaccessible commercial units that were available at that time. About two years ago, he discovered Anova with its affordable price point and ease of use. Needless to say, he jumped on it, snapped up a Precision Cooker, and hasn't looked back. Reuel says that the WI-FI and Bluetooth capabilities are additional benefits that made the decision that much easier.

Cooking sous vide with Reuel

Once Anova was in his possession, Reuel was like a locomotive going down a steep hill with no brakes: he couldn't be stopped. Working in a small kitchen, Reuel says he's often doing many things at once, and before Anova it was semi-chaotic. Lots of dishes to prepare in a small area. With Anova, he says the meat is now no-hassle. He can set it aside, know it's going to be cooked perfectly, focus on a few sides, and all the components of the meal are ready to go at the same time. Frankly, he said, Anova's been life-changing. With a wife who's vegetarian, he has even learned some wicked-good plant-based sous vide dishes as well. Her absolute favorite the is corn on the cob with a honey miso butter! Reuel never imagined cooking vegetables with his Anova, but once he started exploring, he is forever in search of new uses and new delicious dishes. Plus, he's developed a solid repertoire of sous vide vegetarian recipes. Reuel says the single biggest benefit when using his Anova is when dealing with expensive proteins. He now has zero anxiety or worry about the final product. "I cook for other people often, mostly family and friends. When I cook for larger groups I like to cook prime rib". Last time, to ease the day-of pressure even more, Reuel cooked an eight pound prime rib the day before. When it came the day of the big event, he dropped the roast back in the water bath and warmed it up for an hour, before finishing in the oven for a few minutes. Reuel was amazed that the quality didn't suffer one iota, and his total prep time on the day of the event only took him an hour!

"Perfect prime rib only took me an hour!"

When Reuel's in the kitchen, his favorite things to cook are a nice big steak, or a juicy turkey breast. Both pieces of meat that are traditionally easy to overcook, Reuel takes in nailing them every time with the help of his trusty Anova sidekick. While cooking, often listens to one of his favorite podcasts, 'Cooking Issues' by modernist cuisine guru Dave Arnold. When he's in a cooking zone, he's in a cooking zone! Citing cooking as his main creative outlet, he takes a lot of pride in the meals he serves.

Super simple sous vide honey miso butter corn on the cob

When Ruele invented this corn recipe, his eyes were forever opened into a world of sous vide and vegetables. Cooking the corn sous vide allows it cook in its own juices, rather than the flavor being boiled or steamed away. The result? Super-charged flavor! Paired with a honey and miso butter, this user-easy dish packs an umami punch that only sous vide can deliver! Reuel finishes the corn on the grill for a crispy charred finish. Nerds, you're gonna want to serve this at every summer gathering! Be sure to follow Reuel's sous vide adventures on his Instagram @foodreuels Check out Reuel's honey miso butter corn on the cob, on the Anova Recipe's Site, and on the Anova App. Happy cooking, nerds!
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