Three-Cheese Mac and Cheese

21 Easy Eats for Winter Break

Winter break is for relaxing, snacking, and experimenting with the Anova Precision™ Oven. Frozen grated butter + hot convection = the quickest way to get fluffy buttermilk drop biscuits for breakfast. Steam makes mixed berry sheet pan pancakes light and fluffy. At lunch, a hot steam-roast setting makes grilled cheese even more epic. And a multi-stage cook makes kid-friendly grandma pizza even better: use the oven to proof and then bake the dough.

Easy Recipes for Winter Break

1. Epic Grilled CheeseEpic Grilled Cheese2. Steam-Baked Classic Sheet Pan PancakesSteam-Baked Classic Sheet Pan Pancakes3. Steamed Cheeseburger SlidersSteamed Cheeseburger Sliders4. Steam-Baked "Refried" BeansSteam-Baked "Refried" Beans5. Steam-Baked Cinnamon Raisin BagelsSteam-Baked Cinnamon Raisin Bagels6. Three-Cheese Mac and CheeseThree-Cheese Mac and Cheese7. Air-Fried Fish SticksAir-Fried Fish Sticks8. 30-Minute Steamed Mashed Potatoes30-Minute Steamed Mashed Potatoes9. Grandma PizzaGrandma Pizza10. Steam-Baked Missouri Pot RoastSteam-Baked Missouri Pot Roast11. Steam-Baked Vegetarian Stuffed ShellsSteam-Baked Vegetarian Stuffed Shells12. Twice-Baked Sweet PotatoesTwice-Baked Sweet Potatoes13. Steam-Baked Chicken FajitasSteam-Baked Chicken Fajitas14. Six-Minute Steam-Baked Lemon Butter FishSix-Minute Steam-Baked Lemon Butter Fish15. Homemade Dinosaur Chicken NuggetsHomemade Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets16. Steam-Roasted BroccoliBroccoli17. Buttermilk Drop BiscuitsButtermilk Drop Biscuits18. Mixed Berry Sheet Pan PancakeMixed Berry Sheet Pan Pancake19. One Pan Baked Chicken and RiceOne Pan Baked Chicken and Rice20. Sheet Pan Pork and PotatoesSheet Pan Pork and Potatoes21. Vegan Stuffed PeppersVegan Stuffed Peppers

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