4th of July Weekend Recipes

4th of July Weekend Recipes


Whether you're bringing a single dish to a potluck or hosting a full-on feast for family and friends, your sous vide is a guaranteed ace up the sleeve over the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

We've rounded up some of our favorite cookout recipes (both traditional and with modern twists) to get you off to a solid start. Think all-American BBQ classics, but forget anything and everything about all the times they've wound up too bland, burnt, and dry to have anyone heading back for seconds. Check them all out below.

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Treat everyone to some tender and seriously tasty bird. Get the recipe here.

Honey Miso Butter Corn

This just in: corn on the cob no longer the boring side dish at local BBQ. Get the recipe here.

German Potato Salad

'Taters never tasted so good. Get the recipe here.

Sous Vide Sausage

Sausages that have been cooked sous vide with a spoon drizzling mustard on them.
 Would it even be a BBQ if we didn't let the dogs out? Get the recipe here.

Better Deviled Eggs

Don't let the name throw you off – these eggs are heavenly. Get the recipe here.
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