Meet the Anova Madness Elite Eight!

Meet the Anova Madness Elite Eight!


March may be over, but Anova Madness is just beginning to heat up. With over 200 entries, we are now down to the Elite Eight - the best of the best #anovafoodnerd dishes of the year. Here’s a first hand look at your fellow #AnovaFoodNerds (in no particular order).

Check out their wicked sous vide dishes, as they share their recipes, with commentary on their Anova sous vide journey.

Harvey Persson's Perfect Sous Vide Ribeye

"Anova brought the precision of sous vide to the home cook. I use it not because I'm a perfectionist but because I can perfect my cook each and every time effortlessly. Joining #AnovaMadness was simply about sharing my passion with others with the hope of inspiring those on the fence to take the leap...the water is fine

My entry is going to win because the simplistic perfection of a steak dinner made with Anova can be seen in the photo. What more is that it can be on your table too!" - #anovafoodnerd Harvey Persson @hapcooks

Daniel Nutty's Killer Sous Vide Calabrian Pork Chop

This stunning pork chop from Daniel Nutty showcases his finesse as a cook. Paired with multiple sous vide elements, this perfectly-prepared chop is paired with a Calabrian chile emulsion, a Cannelini bean ragu, and a mint gremolata. - #anovafoodnerd Daniel Nutty @dannyxcinghiale

Pratik Amin's Jaw-Dropping Sous Vide Beef Wellington

"I cook with Anova because it allows me to truly “Sous Vide and Chill” while cooking consistent and high quality meals. I can chill out and put my attention towards other aspects of the dish I’m making. Or I can chill and get work done while knowing my dinner will be ready for me when I’m home. Or I can straight up chill and lounge while my meal is cooking."

"I joined Anova Madness so I can share with people something I really love to do and also have the chance to see all the great dishes from other fellow #AnovaFoodNerds. My dish will win because it’s not just another piece of’s a work of art!" - #anovafoodnerd Pratik Amin @sous_vide_and_chill

Tyler Holt's Insane Sous Vide Tomahawk Ribeye

"I cook with the anova for its ability to take the guess work out of the cooking process. Set the time and temp to your desired level and never worry again about your meal being under/over cooked. It takes otherwise daunting, bland cuts of meat and can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. It’s the greatest invention since the cow really. My dish will win because nothing beats a perfectly cooked, 3” thick, medium rare ribeye." - #anovafoodnerd Tyler Holt @tylerjholt

Miles Russell's Flawless Sous Vide Flap Steak

"I cook with Anova because of the quality, consistency, and convenience it allows me when planning and preparing meals. I joined anova madness because I love motivating other people to improve their cooking while being inspired myself by the works of others. My dish is going to win because it tastes even better than it looks." - #anovafoodnerd Miles Russell @telechronn

Mandy's Brilliant Rendang Lamb Shank

"Discovering Anova was a dream come true. Preparing tedious traditional recipes are made simple with a 'no-fail' cooking. Meat and vegetables doneness are to perfection."

"Joining Anova Madness allows me to showcase to others, both cooks and non cooks, how traditional dishes are made tastier and simple." - #anovafoodnerd Mandy W. @mwsousvide

Zack Hatfield's Stunning Sous Vide Strip Steak

"Cooking with an Anova Sous Vide will turn your boring home cooked meals into dishes that are fit for a king. The possibilities are endless if you can read and follow simple instructions!

"I chose to participate in Anovamadness because I love competition almost as much as I love sharing my passion for cooking with others. My friends are convinced I secretly work for Anova solely based on how much I hype up the Sous Vide products. My dish will win because unfortunately, this isn’t a taste test... it’s about using your creativity and kitchen skills to present a dish that makes people say, I would pay for that!" - #anovafoodnerd Zack Hatfield @zackhatfield

Denn Avera's Perfect Platter of Sous Vide Strip Steak

"This killer strip steak from showcases the beauty of cooking sous vide with Anova. Paired with hasselback potatoes, a bright chimichurri, and a jalapeno sauce, it's a meal you'll always remember!" - #anovafoodnerd Alden Navera @dennavera

Be sure to head over to Instagram @anovaculinary and peep our stories to vote! Stay tuned for the announcement of the Final Four!

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