3 Ways to Bring Turkey to the Table with Anova Sous Vide!

3 Ways to Bring Turkey to the Table with Anova Sous Vide!


Looking for new and inspiring ways to cook turkey this festive season? Easy weeknight meals or meal-prepping recipes for January? Whatever type of recipe you’re after, you can use your Anova device to cook up the juiciest, most flavorful turkey dish you’ve ever had. And, it’s easy!

Turkey is a terrific protein for the sous vide method. It’s a lean protein that can be swapped into almost any recipe and pairs well with a variety of spices and flavors. And with sous vide cooking, those flavors are locked in over several hours.

Here are three ways to start cooking turkey with Anova:

1) Liven up those weeknight meals!

Cooking sous vide isn’t just for dinner parties and special occasions. A great option for a great weekday turkey dish cooked sous vide is this smothered turkey with cream sauce. Coat the turkey breast with a bit of salt and pepper, set your Anova to 145˚F and let it cook for three hours. Then, after three hours, prepare your cream sauce and mushrooms, pour over the cooked turkey and enjoy.

2) A new take on the holiday bird

A whole roasted turkey is a holiday fan-favorite, but if you’re hosting a smaller group or looking to switch it up with a new turkey dish this year, why not go sous vide? This Chimichurri Turkey Roulade is simple to make, looks gorgeous and makes for the perfect dish for entertaining over the holidays.

Once you’ve rolled your meat into a roll or “roulade,” simply refrigerate for half an hour, set your Anova device to 150˚F, and then cook for 3 hours.

Another festive option is this Turkey Breast with Apple Cider Gravy. Simply set your Anova to 140˚F and cook your turkey breast for around ten hours. You can set it and forget it before going about your holiday tasks and return home with only two steps left to complete before guests arrive; preparing the garlic butter and apple cider gravy. Then, broil, combine the sauces and voila, your holiday dinner is served!

3) Meal prep life – Turkey Bestovers

Cook extra when preparing those weeknight turkey dishes or holiday dinners and turn those leftovers into glorious sous vide bestovers! To do this, simply substitute the turkey used in regular meal prep recipes for those delicious sous vide turkey cuts.

From lean dishes like Turkey Buddha Bowls and Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps to comfort food options like an Ultimate Turkey Sandwich, meal prepping is a breeze with all the extra turkey you’ll have on hand. And, for the colder winter months, repurpose that sous vide turkey for dishes like hearty soups, game-day chili, tasty risottos and low carb carbonara.

For more turkey recipes and inspiration visit Thinkturkey.ca and be sure to share your sous video creations on social with #AnovaFoodNerd and #ThinkTurkey
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