We've Got a Blog

We've Got a Blog

So, we've got a blog. It's amazing it's taken us this long. Although we've been working on sous vide products for the past four years, it really wasn't until last year that we launched our consumer business. It's been an incredible year to say the least. We’ll use our first blog showcase some highlights.
  • We became the leading provider of sous vide equipment to the consumer market in terms of unit sales and we were consistently ranked the best sous vide solution on the market
  • We developed the first "connected" sous vide concept
  • We ran a Kickstarter campaign that shattered the record for most crowdfunded in the "food" category and ranks as one of the most funded campaigns of all time

Anova is Leading People to Sous Vide

For thousands of years, we've predominantly been cooking over fire. It's so engrained in us that cooking over fire or in a heated oven is THE way to prepare food that is safe to eat that it doesn't really occur to us that there may be a better way. The "cooking = fire or oven" mindset is clearly changing. People are realizing that cooking is really just bringing food to a certain temperature and holding it there for a period of time. A tool, like the Anova Precision Cooker, which allows consumers more control over temperature, is now seen as an essential tool in the kitchen. I can't tell you how many times we've heard that Anova is changing the way people cook. I literally cannot tell you because I’ve heard it from too many consumers to count. I've had a similar experience. I'm not a good cook. But, when I cook with Anova, I nail it. Every. Damn. Time. After spending most of my adult life relying on others to cook for me or preparing sub par meals myself, I'm now able to produce results that taste like they come from a high-end restaurant. Producing a great meal has a profound affect on the cook. It makes them want to cook more. It gives them the satisfaction that comes with being able to do something well. This leads people like me to wanting to cook more often. By giving me the ability to produce a great result and motivate me to cook more often for my family, Anova makes my life better. That's pretty rare and special.

The Connected Device

About a year ago, we started working on the connected device concept. We wanted to give customers the ability find what they'd like to cook, hit a button and start cooking the perfect meal without having to worry about time and temperature settings. We're excited about the content and apps we'll see from the community. Because there are so many variations in the way we prepare food, the opportunities are endless.

What Our Kickstarter Campaign Means for Food Tech

The growing popularity of sous vide is primarily due to the technique and the results it produces, but I also think that people are responding to "food tech," which helps them cook easier with better results. Technology has disrupted virtually all aspects of our lives, but the tools we use in the kitchen haven't evolved as dramatically. Perhaps that's due to the fact that companies specializing in genetics and pesticides have dominated food tech. Maybe then it’s not surprising that Anova, with roots in laboratory precision equipment, shattered Kickstarter records in the food category. Sous vide and Anova represent a movement in food tech that we believe could change the way we cook forever. Precision, control, and consistent results. We’re excited to document at least part of the journey here.

This Blog

We're looking forward to using this blog not only to talk about our accomplishments, but to share news about new features and product releases, to share useful content with our customers and community, to enlist your help in recruiting talented people to join our team, and as tool to generate feedback from our already robust community. We hope you'll join us. Thanks!
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