A Precision-Cooked Family Meal in NYC

A Precision-Cooked Family Meal in NYC


8it is an app that shares the best NYC eats based on location. They started an event series called Family Meal™️ with this mission: "to serve back the industry who serves the most, the restaurant industry." Each event spotlights a chef and their signature food, plus a DJ to set the vibe; cocktails to pair with the food; and a dessert made by a local pastry chef.
Anova was invited to this particular event in honor of the Lunar New Year with chef Eric Huang and his Sichuan Chili Fried Chicken from @pecking_house, alongside Cheddar Cornbread and a special Chicken Liver Pate prepared with the our Precision® Cooker Pro@chefclaricelam whipped up a Creamsicle Chinese Spongecake with our Anova Precision™ Oven, while the mixologist @drinkandwit crafted some infused syrups using the Precision® Cooker.
Lunar New Year Anova EventLucky restaurant attendees got their own Precision Cookers at the end of the night, with similar energy to Oprah's giveaways. Hearing how much people love Anova and sous vide throughout the event made us feel right at home.

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