Anova at Boston Bowl of 'Zole

Anova at Boston's Bowl of 'Zole Festival


Imagine a bunch of passionate chefs and spirit aficionados coming together to celebrate the tastiest traditions. Like a big family reunion for mezcal lovers and Mexican foodies, the Bowl of ‘Zole Tour lets attendees dive into the delicious world of pozole and agave spirits.

If you haven't heard of the Bowl of ‘Zole Pozole FestivalVIP guests at the Boston event snagged an awesome Anova Culinary Swag Bag, complete with the Anova Precision® Cooker Nano. The cherry on top of an already amazing experience, this festival knows how to blend tradition with a touch of modern flair. Check out some of the candid pictures captured during this fun day.

Boston Bowl of 'Zole
Spirits at Boston Bowl of 'Zole
Boston Bowl of 'Zole
Boston Bowl of 'Zole
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