Sous Vide Medium-Rare Steak

Sous Vide Recipes Not to Skip for Leap Year

Leap Day only happens once every four years. Make the best of it with sous vide; a science-backed cooking method that delivers perfect results every time. Set a water bath to your desired temperature, then leave food cooking long enough to reach equilibrium – aka doneness – all the way through.

Extended cooking times can turn a super tough cut of meat like medium-rare chuck roast into tender bites by breaking down its connective tissue. Sliceable like steak but tender as a braise, pork shoulder prepared at a lower temperature is also a unique-to-sous-vide cooking method that you’ll want to make more than once this Leap Year. Hands-free meal prep will easily convince you that sous vide is the best sidekick all year long. 

Sous Vide Recipes for Your Extra Day

1. Sous Vide Medium-Rare SteakMedium-Rare Strip Steak2. Chicken BreastChicken Breast3. Sous Vide Pork TenderloinSous Vide Pork Tenderloin4. Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon & GruyereSous Vide Egg Bites5. Sous Vide SalmonSous Vide Salmon6. Barbecue RibsSous Vide Barbecue Ribs7. Chicken ThighSous Vide Chicken Thigh8. Sous Vide Medium-Rare Chuck RoastMedium-Rare Chuck Roast9. Sous Vide BrisketSous Vide Brisket10. Sous Vide BBQ Pork ShoulderSous Vide BBQ Pork Shoulder11. Sous Vide Prime RibSous Vide Prime Rib

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