Nano Update

Nano Update

Howdy Nano Nerds, We're excited to tell you that we've made significant progress on the Nano and are getting ready for mass production (WooHoo!). So what have we been doing in our secret underground lair? Well . . .

1. We did a trial production run which is called DVT (design verification build)

We refined the product and did long-term life-cycle testing (we made sure it's wicked good). Check out the pic below: Nano DVT

2. Nano hits the road

We also took some of the early build Nano units on a road test to meet our users. The Nano is super portable and got great reviews from people. Look at this sweet shot of the Nano impressing the hell out of an unsuspecting CES attendee (oohs and ahhs!).

3. Production line inspection

Last weekend, the team was in Asia doing a final inspection of our production lines. We also did another design verification test. It's lookin' pretty money and we can't freaking wait to show it to you.

4. What's next?

We're getting super close to the ship-date and are still on track for May. Thanks so much for hanging in there with us. We're confident that Nano's worth the wait! Sincerely, Team Anova
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