Transforming Lives with the SF-Marin Food Bank

Transforming Lives with the SF-Marin Food Bank


This past December, Anova teamed up with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to provide healthy, nutritious food for families and individuals in our community. Hunger is a serious problem in San Francisco and Marin, where 1 in 5 people struggle to find their next meal. This in the city home to some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber, LinkedIn, Tesla, Netflix, eBay and so many others.

Although small in comparison, Anova is mighty at heart. We knew that as a business centered around food, we had to do more to give back to those in need. That is why in December, we donated 20,000 meals to help support children, families, seniors and individuals at risk of hunger. Food has the power to transform lives, and every meal donated meant the difference between going to bed hungry or going to bed happy and healthy for thousands.

And we want to thank you - our #anovafoodnerd community - for helping make this possible.

San-Francisco-Marin Food Bank: Providing More than a Meal

Every week, over 141,000 people count on the SF-Marin Food Bank for fresh produce. This year alone, they will provide 48 million pounds of food. They distribute food at over 275 local food pantries, where participants are given the independence to choose fresh produce in a farmers market style. They provide people with access to nutritional education and workshops. They deliver groceries to the homes of seniors living with disabilities to support better health. And perhaps most importantly, they provide peace of mind for hundreds of thousands of residents in the San Francisco-Marin area.

To celebrate the incredible work of the SF-Marin Food Bank, we wanted to share some of the inspiring stories from people who rely on the Food Bank for fresh, healthy food and nutritious produce.

Meet Mike

Mike is a volunteer and former participant at our Food Bank pantry on Treasure Island. He credits the Food Bank and his relationships at the pantry for helping him transform his life - he's overcome homelessness, found work, and is building hope for the future.

Meet Donna

Last winter, Donna’s eldest son died in a tragic accident and just four short months later, her husband of 53 years passed away from a long illness. Due to financial struggles, Donna did not think she would get the food she needed to cook a holiday meal. Thanks to the Food Bank, Donna and her son were able to celebrate Thanksgiving after all.

Read Donna's story

Donna Meet Dave

Dave is legally blind, and getting enough food to eat can be a daily struggle. He used to travel across town once or twice a week — transferring multiple chaotic public transit lines — to get meals from a city program. But now, each Friday, Dave is able to get healthy, fresh food through his local Food Bank pantry.

Read Dave's story

Get Involved

Hunger knows no boundaries – it impacts every city in the US, targeting the most vulnerable people in our communities. There is more work to be done and we encourage each and everyone one of you to get involved. Find your local food bank here and sign up below to become a part of the #anovagivingnerd community.

Until next time!

- Anastasia Plotnikova, Social Impact Manager

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