Lightweight, Smooth Cast Iron.

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Why the Field Skillet?

Smooth Enough for Delicate Dishes

The Field Skillet is a smoother, lighter cast-iron pan reminiscent of the best vintage American skillets. With its easy-to-grab handle and non-stick surface, the Field Skillet provides the perfect sear to finish off even the most delicate sous vide dishes.

No More Heavy Lifting

Modern cast-iron skillets are extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. The Field Skillet balances the right amount of weight for even heat distribution, making it easy to add color and flavor to your finishing sear without the heavy lifting. This skillet won’t break your wrist.

Field is Family

Stephen and Chris Muscarella discovered a passion for cooking with cast iron as kids, having spent countless hours using vintage classics with their mother. When they headed out on their own, they were gifted their own well-loved, vintage cast-iron skillets.   Both brothers later acquired some new cast iron cookware, but the new ones didn’t have the same weight or hand feel. A question was born: why don’t they make them like they used to? So, they set out to discover the secrets of the cast-iron classics, and The Field Company was born.

Get the Perfect Sear…and More

From crispy roasted vegetables, to flaky pie crusts, to perfectly seared sous vide steak, the Field Skillet’s heat retention and non-stick surface benefits nearly every kind of cooking. Yes, food nerds, this pan can do it all.

What makes the Field Skillet special?

The Field Skillet #8 provides better heat distribution due to its size, meaning no more hot spots. No more over-searing. Just a well-bronzed, flavor-packed finish for all of your sous vide dishes.

Partnering with a material science professor from Europe, the Field Company learned how to make iron castings by hand. By learning this traditional technique, they were able to create a pan that is lighter than a MacBook Pro.

Get It While It’s Hot

We got our hands on a batch of these bad boys for the food nerd fam. Snag your skillet before it’s too late.

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