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A Precision Chef Blade At An Affordable Price

Cook like a pro from start to finish.
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Why the Bulat Knife?

A Quality Blade

Meticulously designed with quality materials, the Bulat Knife brings pro-level precision to your meal prep at an affordable price-point. Bulat is hand-crafted with the best of eastern and western knife-making techniques to bring you the sharpest knife in the block.

A Chef’s Knife that Cuts Cost. Not Corners.

Bulat understands that finding the right knife can be a frustrating experience. Cheap knives can be clunky to use and will dull quickly. Whether you’re mincing an onion or cutting apart a whole chicken, the Bulat Knife will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Bulat Story

By day, Alex Commons helped high-growth companies find and retain customers. By night, he was a passionate home cook with an entrepreneurial edge and an addiction to the craft of cutlery. After a life-changing event, Alex made the decision to ditch the day job and dedicate his life to his passion. He set out on a journey to create a super-sharp, professional quality chef’s knife that was more accessible and easy to use than the current knives on the market.

Nerding Out Over Knives

The Bulat team spent more than a year of designing, prototyping, and testing to make the Bulat Knife one of the best on the market. They’ve iterated on the product dozens and dozens of times, from the knife’s perfectly shaped olive wood handle designed for a comfortable and sturdy grip, to the protective finger guards, to the grooved bolster that provides an easy-to-use pinch-grip, the Bulat team thought of everything.

The Sharpest Knife in the Block

What’s the difference between a good knife and great knife? A great knife is the one you reach for every time. A blade that is too hard will become brittle and a blade that is too sharp will dull easily. The Bulat Knife has a Japanese VG-10 Steel core wrapped in 67 layers of folded steel, hardened to a 57-59 rockwell hardness, and then sharpened to a 17 degree angle. Needless to say, this knife is super-durable and capable of slicing through the toughest ingredients like butter.

  • 1Olive/Walnut wood handle
  • 2Grooved bolster helps with proper grip
  • 3Rounded spine for comfort
  • 467 layers of folded steel
  • 5Japanese VG-10 steel core
  • 6Hybrid European/Japanese blade profile
  • 717 degree blade angle

Early Access for the Food Nerd Fam

These bad boys aren’t yet available to the public, but we managed to get our hands on a few to share with our #anovafoodnerd fam. Discover super simple, painless meal prep today, with a knife that will last a lifetime.

Cook like a pro from start to finish.