The Anova Kitchen is Open! | Anova Culinary

The Anova Kitchen is Open!

Nerdsssss! It’s HERE! The long awaited Anova Kitchen is open. We have some killer ideas planned for this new space and can’t wait to have you kick it here with us.

What is it?

The Anova Kitchen sits below the majestic Anova HQ at 667 Howard St in beautiful San Francisco, California. It’s an event space, a place to hold workshops, a space where you can chow down during some cooking classes while learning some pretty sweet recipes and ideas, get hands on product demos before they’re released to the public, snap some killer Insta photos,  buy some cool stuff  (have you heard of the Anova Precision Cooker? It’s dope) in the retail boutique, and a spot you can meet Team Anova.

When can I visit?

We are open Monday through Friday from 10am-2pm. COME BY! On Wednesday evenings, we will be holding events to honor and highlight our insanely talented #anovafoodnerd family and you wont wanna miss it. RSVP right here for our first free event, Comedy Kitchen, featuring an uproarious comedy show and satisying sous vide bites.

How can I help?

Even though the Anova Kitchen is ours, it’s more yours. We want wicked involvement from our #anovafoodnerd community. Want to host a cooking class? DO IT! We got you. Want to show off your latest sous vide creations and invite some friends to partake in a big dinner party? You bet! The options are limitless. If you can dream it up, and it’s not weird (maybe even if it is…) we wanna make it happen with you.

Come see us!

We look forward to hosting you, your friends, and fellow food nerds soon. Be sure to peep our Instagram, FB Page, and Twitter to keep in the loop with all things #anovakitchenSF!