What Can I Cook Using Sous Vide?

From ultra-flaky fish to flavor-packed corn on the cob, the possibilities are endless with your Precision Cooker.

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The better question might be, what can’t you cook with Anova?

Achieve ridiculously tender textures and super-juicy results with confidence, no matter what you’re whipping up. Melt-in-your-mouth, medium rare steak isn’t the only dish you can cook to perfection with Anova. Think fresh, flavor-packed veggies, eggs of pure liquid gold, and buttery-soft, flaky-yet-moist salmon. The options are endless, so get cooking.

Cook consistently juicy, ultra-tender pork tenderloin with ultra-tender textures.


Discover buttery-soft, flaky-yet-moist salmon that’s perfectly pink every time.


Experience pure liquid gold perfection with every soft-boiled egg.


Lock in the nutrients and fresh flavorful goodness with vibrant, crisp veggies.




Moist, rich, decadent cookie that you’ll never burn in the oven again.


Impress guests with homemade cocktail infusions, done in minutes.


Call it quits with overcooked quinoa. From rice to oats to quinoa, get flavor-infused, fluffy grains in a snap with sous vide.