Anova Precision® Oven recipe creator Louiie Victa!

Anova Precision® Oven recipe creator Louiie Victa!

We're full steam ahead highlighting recipe creators who have been getting down with the brand new Anova Precision® Oven over the last few months. Next up, Louiie Victa. Meet her, and see how her experience with the Anova Precision® Oven has made her a more creative cook!

"It’s like having my very own sous chef or assistant because it’s so smart!"

"The Oven is an essential addition to any home kitchen which will be appreciated by everyone, regardless of their skill level. It has made me quite a “food nerd” in the sense that I approach my cooking as part scientist and part chef. It has also brought me back to paying close attention to my techniques: “Why do I have to cook something this way?”, “Why does this temperature work better for this particular food?”, “How does the addition of a little steam produce such amazing results?”

"I really appreciate the team at Anova for all their hard work in making this incredible technology available and accessible for people to use at home. It’s an amazing experience to be able to work with such a talented and diverse group and I’m very excited to be able to share my food experiences and knowledge with everyone."

1. How would you describe your style of cooking?

I have a diverse background of cooking influences. I’ve actually called myself a “culinary mongrel” on a recent podcast interview: I’ve learned a lot from all the places I’ve worked at throughout the years. But I don’t stop there. I draw influences from dining out, watching great chefs, exchanging thoughts and ideas with peers in the industry, traveling and living abroad, and from extraordinary everyday people who have a passion for their craft. I’ll basically cook anything that inspires me.

Cooking, for me, is an endless process of learning, observing and absorbing technique. It’s the same as photography or any creative art. I learn the structure and basics of it, then put my own creative touches. In the end, I hope that people will enjoy what I’ve made. It’s a very personal process because I’m essentially telling my own story - where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and what I’ve learned on that plate.

2. How does the Anova Precision® Oven improve this?

After the start of the pandemic, I found myself outside a professional kitchen for the first time in over 20 years, and decided to take a leap of faith and make a career change. It felt weird at first…. I missed my peers and the amount of dynamic professional equipment we had at our disposal. I found myself longing for the synergy, the creative exchange of ideas, and that sense of pride in putting out the best dish possible.

I thrive when working with my hands and having the freedom to experiment and create outstanding flavors and foods. However, I find that there are some limitations to cooking at home. The Anova Precision® Oven became that one indispensable tool that helped me bridge the gap between my professional kitchen and that of my home. It allows me to create and explore food as I normally would in a restaurant. With the Oven’s advanced technology and precise control functions, I suddenly found myself cooking and executing culinary ideas on a much higher level. It has also allowed me to successfully create dishes that otherwise wouldn’t be as expertly made at home with a regular stove and oven setup.

3. Any tips and tricks to share with the world about using the Oven?

Don’t skip on preheat stages. Experiment with rack positioning. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of recipes. There really aren’t any limits to experimentation with the Oven, since you have precise control of all the variables. If you have an idea that involves steam, go ahead and try it! It really is so much fun and easy to use.

Finally, just enjoy having an amazing piece of equipment in your home kitchen that will take your food to the next level!

4. How has the Oven changed how you cook at home?

As a restaurant professional, I rarely cooked at home basically because I made a living out of making other people’s dinner most of the week.I like to cook for family and friends when I have downtime, but I often found myself frustrated because I didn’t have the same quality tools and equipment at home as I do at work. I’ve always tried to model my home after a professional kitchen, but there really are constraints to that. Either, the technology is too expensive, or the equipment won’t fit in a home kitchen.

Having the Anova Precision Oven at home is like having a professional Combi oven at your disposal at a price point that can’t be beat. It sits handsomely on my countertop, and it has quite a generous cooking capacity. I seriously want to cook everything with it!

5. Do you think it has made a difference in how you cook?

The Anova Oven has made it easier for me to execute ideas onto a plate. It has become a very important part of my home kitchen because of the technology and precision it provides. I mean, who can say no to Sous Vide without a bag; am I right?

The Oven also helped me explore other skills such as bread-baking and pastry that I otherwise wouldn’t gravitate towards since I’m primarily a savory cook. It has really given me the confidence to delve deeper into more complex cooking techniques because it does such a great job at turning out fantastic products, all in the comfort of my own kitchen.

All in all, I think having the Anova Precision® Oven in my cooking arsenal has really opened more doors to my creativity. In some sense, it’s almost like having my very own sous chef or assistant because it’s so smart, I can trust that it’s doing it’s job even when I walk away because I see the activity on the app.

6. What recipe in the app (not from you!) are you super interested in trying?

From the top of my head, I’m a big fan of Scott Heimendinger's work, so I’d like to cook anything from him, when I get a chance. I would also like to try Carlene’s amazing Prime Rib and Brisket because she really makes quite a feast for the belly and the eyes. Also, Hsiao Ching Chou’s Shao Bing (flatbread) and congee. It’s amazing how the Oven can translate a variety of cooking techniques from many different cuisines. I’m just really excited to try the whole wealth of recipes in the app!



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