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The New Anova Precision Oven

Our steam oven. Your dream oven.

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Oven Hero

Restaurant kitchen power, for the home kitchen counter.

Professional kitchens are keeping a secret. They use combi-ovens with steam to cook your food to the level of restaurant-quality you pay for when you dine out. But to bring that technology home, a commercial steam combi-oven will set you back thousands of dollars. (That’s right, multiple zeroes.)

But now the secret’s out, and for the first time ever, we’re bringing you a professional-grade combi-oven with the precision you’ve come to know from Anova, at a fraction of the cost. The countertop, steam-enabled Anova Precision® Oven is going to change the way you think about cooking everything.

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Anova Oven Sous Vide Mode

Sous Vide Mode: the game changer.

Control your food’s doneness like never before, with Sous Vide Mode. By continuously measuring the food temperature through a Wet Bulb sensor, your food will only cook to your desired doneness. Just like sous vide, steaks and other meats will be tender, with edge-to-edge perfection, nothing overcooked. But now, you can combine it with roasting and crisping, right in the same vessel.

Easy, steamy, beautiful.

With the magic of steam, you’ll make moist chicken and turkey that never dries out, veggies that leave you wanting more… and you’ll see your sourdough spring up during baking without a dutch oven ruining the view. The easy-to-fill external water tank will keep you cooking with more than 24 hours of continuous steam, no plumbing required.

Anova Precision Oven: Bread BakedAnova Precision Oven: Water TankAnova Precision Oven: Bread Baking

Always the best thing on the menu.

Your favorite restaurant dishes, and the best seat in the house, right in your own kitchen. You won’t get results like this from any other home-cooking method; and with food this delicious, you definitely won’t miss making reservations.

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Anova Culinary Mobile App - Recipes

Browse, cook, eat, repeat.

With the Wi-Fi connected Anova Precision® Oven App, you can set your Oven remotely and monitor the process from anywhere. Start cooking with one tap from a collection of easy-to-follow recipes made exclusively for Anova. Then make and share your own creations. Save all your favorites to make over and over again.

App available soon.

Set the stage, and press start.

Need to change settings in the middle of cooking? Use Cooking Stages in the App to give the Oven new directions. Seamlessly start new parts of any recipe with the tap of a button, and the Oven can automatically change settings without skipping a beat. Steam, sizzle, and sear all without changing appliances or dirtying another pan.

Stage 1: Preheat

145.4˚ F, Sous Vide mode

Rear Heating Element

Stage 2: Core Cook

145.4˚ F, Sous Vide mode

142˚ F

Rear Heating Element

Stage 3: Brown & Crisp

482˚ F

10 minutes

Top & Rear Heating

The technical stuff.

Anova Precision Oven


  • Precision convection cooking with adjustable fan speed
  • True Combi-cooking with continuous steam and an easy-fill Water Tank
  • Sous Vide Mode without using plastic bags
  • Core temperature cooking with an attachable Food Probe
  • Connected cooking and guided recipes within the Anova Precision® Oven App
  • 5 rack positions
  • Touch screen display
  • Tempered glass door


  • Temperature Range:
    86-480˚F (30-250˚C
    Accuracy: +/- 1.8˚F (1.0˚C)
  • Temperature Range in Sous Vide Mode:
    75-212˚F (25-100˚C)
    Accuracy: +/- 0.5˚F (-0.3˚C)


  • Overall Power: 1800 W / 120 V
    Top Heating: 1600 W
    Bottom Heating: 700 W
    Rear Heating: 1600 W
    Steam Boiler: 1200 W


  • Exterior: 22.4 x 17.7 x 14.1 in
    Interior: 16.9 x 10 x 12.4 in
    Capacity: 1.2 square ft


  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
    Wet Bulb Sensor
    Food Probe
    Steam Boiler Sensor

Water Tank

  • Max Water: 1.3 Gal (5 L)
    24 hours continuous steam
    Detachable and easy to clean


  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz iOS and Android app available


  • Pan and Rack accessories Attachable Food Probe

Ultimate Roast Chicken

Precise moisture control retains juices, while convection crisps the skin.

Sourdough Boule

This baking combination makes a soft, airy loaf, with a firm, crunchy crust.

Crispy Skin Salmon

100% humidity keeps salmon moist and full of flavor, without undercooking.

Rolled Omelette

Steam ensures fast, even cooking, and impossibly delicious bites.

Elote: Street Corn

Corn reaches maximum sweetness with steam, and roasting gives even browning.

Word on the street.

“Anova has recognized the power of steam for precise temperature control and has worked it into an attractive countertop appliance for the home chef”

- Reviewed.com -

“a new level of precision for the home”

- The Gadgeteer -

“With Anova’s new smart oven, the future of cooking may be steam-powered”

- Digital Trends -

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