Introducing the #anovafoodnerd Hall of Fame

Introducing the #anovafoodnerd Hall of Fame


Here at Anova, we LOVE our #anovafoodnerd fam! There are hundreds of thousands of people out there creating masterpieces with the help of the Anova, and we have an exciting new place where we will mount (digitally!) their statues. Introducing, the #anovafoodnerd Hall of Fame!

The initial class features 12 food nerds who are long time Anova lovers and have been cranking out serious sous vide eats.

Give it up for:

Frank De Cambuse, Joe Pistone, Food Reuels, Kellie Alkayan, Josh Myer, Kimbly Tim Shelburn, Carey Copeling, Anthony Spizale, Erika Turk, Melissa Reome, Cole Wagoner. Congratulations to everyone, and keep on cooking! Want to be inducted in the next round? Fire up those Precision Cookers, then be sure to tag #anovafoodnerd and include time and temp!
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