Perfect sous vide flank steak with #anovafoodnerd Lukas Vogtel

Perfect sous vide flank steak with #anovafoodnerd Lukas Vogtel

Hailing from Neunkirchen, Germany, Lukas Vogtel is no stranger to perfectly cooked proteins. With a natural love for cooking, Lukas found himself searching for the next tool in his arsenal. He found Anova, and he's been on a culinary ascension ever since. He's here today to share his sous vide love story and share his recipe for perfect sous vide flank steak.

Meet #anovafoodnerd Lukas Vogtel

A confessed food and cooking guru, Lukas' love started outside with anything grill or smoker related. About a year ago, while browsing Instagram, he came upon his followers talking about Anova and the awesome dishes they were cranking out, and he was hooked. Lukas quickly became enamored with the idea of sous vide, and ordered his Anova. He was excited about the possibilities it would allow him in the kitchen, but initially underestimated how it could be paired with his original love of grilling. He soon realized he had stumbled upon his next level of greatness.

Cooking sous vide with Lukas

No stranger to the kitchen, when Lukas found Anova it opened a world of new opportunities. Growing up as a toddler helping his Mom in the kitchen, as he progressed into adulthood he was a guy who enjoyed the outdoor kitchen most of all. Often with a Cuban cigar and a frosty glass of beer in tote, he was anxious to see what sous vide could do to change his life. Shortly after the purchase of his Anova he realized all his tools would work together in perfect harmony.

"The doneness of the meat is unmatched. Then finish on a grill, and you can’t beat it."

Lukas lauds the fact that he can cook on his time, and says that a big benefit to him is the flexibility that Anova allows. "The comfort factor is a big thing. Timing is flexible with guests. If someone is late, no issue." Often, he leaves the meat in for hours longer than his intended plan, for one reason or the other. When guests arrive or are ready to eat, within a few minutes time it's from the bag to the table, and a feast ensues. With his girlfriend Susi in tote a lot of the time, cooking is something they enjoy doing together. Lukas admits to taking the reigns most of the time, but says Susi can hold her own too. She has become a big fan of what Anova has done to their meals! Lukas says some of his favorite dishes to cook are duck breast and rack of lamb. Both cuts than when done traditionally are challenging to nail every time. Both are at their best when cooked medium-rare. A few minutes one way or the other on the grill or in the oven can ruin what should be a delicious dish. Lukas says the ability to not worry about the final result makes sous vide cooking immensely more enjoyable. He enjoys spending hours in the kitchen, and the release of anxiety associated with ensuring a perfectly cooked piece of meat makes those hours that much more enjoyable.

Juicy and tender steak by Lukas

If you browse Lukas' Instagram, you'll see red meat as much as anything. Naturally he's sharing his wicked-tender flank steak recipe, and honestly, it could not be any easier. You may find flank steak called bavette steak, or flap steak depending on your geography, but it's all delicious nonetheless. Using only three ingredients and several hours of tender-loving, Lukas provides a perfect guide for the perfect steak. Cooked perfectly, it's tender and juicy, all it needs is a quick shake of salt and a blazing hot sear. This is Lukas' go-to for feeding a crowd. Invite the friends over, give the family a call, and throw a full-blown sous vide shindig! Be sure to check out Lukas' perfect sous vide flank steak, on the Anova Recipes Site, and on the Anova App. Fire up those cookers nerds, and have a ball!
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